Ordering Glasses Online with Perfect Glasses – A Review

Ordering Glasses Online with Perfect Glasses – A Review

When you think about choosing glasses and ordering glasses you immediately think of going into a high street opticians. I hadn’t even considered ordering glasses online because I worried that I would order the wrong thing and mess it up! I guess also when you have your eye test the immediate response is to follow that by looking at their selection of glasses. How many people take their prescription away and look elsewhere? When Perfect Glasses asked me to review their website and order a pair of glasses I was curious.


Choosing the Glasses

Obviously I was looking at women’s glasses and I was so impressed by the choice available. There really was something for everyone whether you wanted budget basic glasses, prescription sunglasses or designer glasses. The search facility was great so if you had an idea what you were looking for it was easy to narrow down. I loved the fact that you could take a selfie or upload a photo and virtually try on the glasses so you had a good idea how they would look. For me this was great because not only could you do this in the comfort of your own home but you could try lots on before deciding without worrying what the sales assistant was thinking. The choice was amazing and really made me realise how even though in my opticians they have loads I had not considered so many other options. I chose some Safilo frames.

Jen wearing dark pink/purple rimmed glasses that are the same colour as her hair

Brands Available

Initially I had wondered if the glasses available online would be of cheap quality and all non branded but I was pleased to discover this was not the case. There were some as cheap as £9 a pair including the prescription lenses. Equally there were some amazing brands available like Jimmy Choo, Police, Hugo Boss and Marc Jacobs if you wanted to spend more. It is hard to tell the quality online but I was reassured by so many good reviews and the fact they have some good brands as well as cheaper styles.

Safilo purple frames glasses with a grey safilo case

Delivery and Service

It is really easy to order the frames and prescription you require and with some frames available (certain prescriptions only) on a 24hr dispatch how great is that. Mine arrived really well packaged in their case with cleaning cloth which was then packaged in lots of bubble wrap and in a strong bag. The amount of packaging on them there was no way they were going to get damaged in transit. When they arrived I immediately tried them on and loved them. They looked just as they did on the picture when I virtually tried them on. I could immediately tell the prescription in them was correct. The quality is brilliant and I have no doubts they will last well. I love the fact they offer reglazing too so I can easily keep these frames when I need a new prescription!


If you would like to read more about my discover I need to wear glasses feel free to check out this post. If you would like to read more reviews I have written then do check out my reviews section.

Please note I received these from Perfect Glasses as a sample to try out and share with you however all views and experiences I have shared are true as I would never lie to you.

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