Simple Top Tips for Safer Driving

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We spend so much time in our cars I think we often forget how well they need to be treated. If they are not looked after they really can be a death trap. More people die every year due to car accidents than in aeroplanes yet why do we often feel more anxious getting in a plane than getting in the car? Here I share with you some tips for ensuring you are doing your best to make your car a safe mode of transport.

Always make sure you have enough fuel. I know this sounds silly but if you are like me and often have your car on the red light there is more chance of an accident. I know when my fuel is low the beeping is distracting. Not only that but if I did run out of fuel the road I stopped on could not be an ideal place to stop and could cause an accident. So simple as it is keeping your car filled up is a good tip.

Keep everything under the bonnet in order. I am the first to admit that I know nothing much about the workings of a car however if anything runs out or any lights come on I always look into it. If your washer bottle runs out of liquid and you cant see through your windscreen as well you are much more likely to have an accident. Windscreen fluid is so cheap in supermarkets, petrol stations, or specialist car stores it really is no excuse.

Keep your tyres in check. You wouldn’t walk on ice in high heels or slippers with no grip would you so why risk the same with your car. Keeping them inflated well is easy and cheap so there really is no excuse for that. When they are worn and need replacing then make it a priority. It need not be expensive but think of the safety importance of quality tyres that will keep your car in tip top condition. Don’t leave it until the last minute sort them as soon as you know they need doing. Be the guest of Iversons for the best and free fitting of tyres in London. If you are not near to London you can order from them online but be sure to always ensure that safety is a priority and anyone who maintains your car is fully qualified. You wouldn’t let your child fly your aeroplane on holiday so don’t let someone who doesn’t know what they are doing fix your car.

Always wear a seatbelt. No excuses. Better to be safe than dead. The same goes for child seats, keep your children safe and make sure that nothing ever stops you keeping them safe in the car.

Know how to drive for different weathers. I was slow to pass my test so had driving lessons in all weathers. If you are not sure how best to drive on snow then ask someone. Remember all those things you learnt like stopping distances and road conditions meaning to drive more slowly. Those rules are in place for a reason, to keep you safe.

Last but not least – if like me you are pretty rubbish at car maintenance and even the basics are a challenge don’t feel you cant ask for help. Its better that way than putting something off and not being safe. We cant all be good at everything can we. Prevention is better than a cure.

**This is a sponsored post**

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