Slimming World Group Taster Ideas

In the coming weeks it will be taster week at Slimming World groups across the country. For those of you that do not go to Slimming World or maybe who weigh and don’t stay to group this is a week where we all take food and try each others! If you don’t normally stay to group then this is definitely a week to stay and try it out. Members bring along a low syn or syn free food for everyone to share as a big buffet. Remember though if for some reason you cant take anything that is no excuse to avoid the scales! Yes I know I have done that before so you are not alone!

So, what can you take? It doesn’t have to be something you have made remember you can take something you have bought too. Don’t let it being taster week put you off there are some really easy things you can make. Here are my suggestions for you.

two slices of curry loaf on a white spotty plate

Curry Loaf

Caribbean Rice – syn free, vegan, vegetarian.

Fruit Pasta Salad – Make pasta with a squash mixture rather than just water then mix with defrosted mixed berries, vegan, vegetarian, syn free.

Rosemary and Caramelised Onion Mini Quiches – syn free, vegetarian.

Houmous/other dips and crudit̩s Рsyn free, vegetarian, some are vegan, crudites can be carrot sticks, pepper, cucumber, celery, spring onion etc.

Ploughman’s on a stick – apple, cheese and a pickled onion on a cocktail stick, low syn as cheese is synned, vegetarian.

Lo-Dough Pizza – If you haven’t tried this or others in your group haven’t then lo-dough pizza is an alternative to a takeaway. I wasn’t so sure on the bases but others love them.

Hawaiian Sticks – ham, cheese and pineapple on a cocktail stick. Using Quorn instead of ham for a vegetarian option. Low Syn as the cheese is synned.

Sausages – cook and serve cut up cold your favourite low syn or syn free sausages for others to try.

Soup – If you can take a flask then why not take some soup, can be syn free, can be vegan/vegetarian.

sausage rolls – using wholemeal thins as “pastry”, using beaten egg to seal.

Chicken Drumsticks – easy to cook and great warm or cold. Syn free if skin removed.

Chicken Marinated in spices – toss some chicken pieces in some spices mixed with a little yoghurt and leave to marinate then cook as normal. Usually syn free.

Snack a Jacks – quick to buy and low syn.

Pink and Whites – easy to buy and low syn for a sweet snack.

Fibre one bars – Low syn snacks that are quite popular and easy to pick up for a taster.

Cereal bars as healthy B choices eg. Aldi Benefit bars – easy to buy and cut up to share alternative healthy b ideas. Low Syn.

Pasta salad – cook some pasta, strain and cool and mix with cherry tomatoes, pickled red cabbage, cubed of cucumber, cubes of pepper and diced red onion for a quick easy pasta salad. If you use the juice from the red cabbage also it makes it less dry. Syn free.

Filo Tartlets – These lime ones are lovely but you can make all sorts of fillings. Low Syn.

Boiled Eggs – simply boil some eggs and allow to cool then peel! Syn free.

Melon, pineapple or mango fingers – easy to buy or cut yourself and syn free.

Jelly – low syn and quick to make in little plastic shot glasses for taster.

Frozen grapes – Grapes are great frozen and not everyone has tried them. If you can get them out just before group then this is a great choice. Syn free.

Sweet Potato Cakes – These are great little snacks and can be made whatever size you like for a taster. Syn free.

Carrot Cake – Low syn and yummy!

Low syn sweets like these Diablo ones from B&M stores.

There are so many other options but these are just a few of my favourites you might not have thought of.

Maybe you have some other ideas? Do comment below and share them!

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  1. Sandra
    March 4, 2018 / 10:25 pm

    What is B&M stores please

    • JustAverageJen
      March 8, 2018 / 9:14 am

      A bit like home bargains if you have seen those, a discount type store selling all sorts from toys to food etc.

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