Syn Free Jacket Potato Fillings

It is so easy to get bored of jacket potatoes because you get stuck on the same fillings but actually if you put a little thought into it a jacket potato is a really versatile meal and there are so many fillings you can have that are either syn free or use your healthy extra a allowance. Here are some suggestions you might not have thought of. Don’t forget to add some vegetables or salad to it though if you can for a truly Slimming World friendly meal.

  • Cottage cheese – this really is one of my favourite fillings and if its fat free and plain its generally syn free!
  • Baked beans – simple but yummy
  • Cheese and beans – just be careful to keep the cheese in your allowance or syn it.
  • Mushy peas – not my thing at all but Stuart loves them on jacket potatoes.
  • Chick Pea Dahl – The one in this post is syn free and good value.
  • Spaghetti hoops – not my idea of a good filling but many people love them.
  • Ratatouille – you can easily make this yourself with onions, peppers, herbs and tomatoes.
  • Stir fry vegetables – add some flavouring like fajita spice and it makes it lovely.
  • Mince and onions
  • Chilli – if you have it one day for tea then make extra for a jacket the following day or pop in freezer.
  • Bolognese – as above with chilli save some from a meal.
  • Curry – again if you make it save extra for a jacket!
  • Tuna – it doesn’t have to be with mayonnaise you could add some fat free fromage frais to stop it being too dry
  • Coleslaw – make some Slimming world friendly coleslaw – recipe here.
  • Bacon and melted cheese – be sure to weigh the cheese and remove the far from the bacon
  • Cheese and garlic fried mushrooms – weight the cheese and use frylight for the mushrooms.
  • Sweet and sour vegetables – Recipe here.
  • Chicken/Quorn and mushroom curry – recipe here.
  • Keema Curry – recipe here.
  • Mediterranean Vegetables in a Balsamic tomato sauce – recipe here.
  • Sticky Mushrooms – these are lovely and so easy to make, recipe here.


Maybe you have some other ideas? Do comment below and share them!

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