Valentine’s Gift Ideas for the One You Love

Now we are in February all the shops are full of hearts and roses ready for Valentine’s Day but what are you going to buy the one you love? I have compiled here a few suggestions for you that are a bit different and things you might just not have thought of. Everyone has different budgets so I have tried to find a mixture of ideas that wont all break the bank!

handing wooden hearts

Whilst some guides are aimed at “for him” or “for her” I thought there are so many similarities. There are so many gender stereotypes and everyone is so individual so I have combined them all and I hope ti helps you find that perfect gift.

Something for a Romantic Meal

A mini frying pan (heart shaped), two glasses labeled yours and mine) and a bottle of hot pepper sauce, all placed on white floorboards with red rose petals.

For a romantic meal how about this Encona Carolina Reaper Chilli Sauce available from Tesco and Iceland for just £1.59 a bottle and perfect for a hot and spicy meal with your loved one. Alternatively what about a steak or gammon with a fried egg, or even breakfast in bed? This cute little heart shaped frying pan is available from Home Bargains and is just £1.29. Any meal would be perfect with these lovely Yours and mine glasses to serve a drink. They would also be great for a little homemade dessert I think too.

heart shaped bottle of ameretto

What about this lovely bottle of Ameretto (or whatever you would like to gift) available in a variety of bottles but this is perfect for Valentine’s. From £15 they are available here. They are refillable bottles and there are so many things you can have them filled with you wouldn’t believe. Definitely worth a look on their website!

A large and small box of Guylian Chocolates

How about some tasty chocolates? The luxury tasting Guylian are perfect for the one you love and available in most supermarkets and even some smaller stores so even if you forget Valentine’s Day until the night before this is one gift you can be sure to get!

Something for a New Mum

Mummy loves candle with box, candle is white

This is a gorgeous candle which is much more than just a candle. As it melts it makes a body oil perfect for a relaxing massage which is a perfect gift for a new mum on Valentine’s Day, other then sleep of course! The Mummy Loves Organics range is also perfect for a pregnant lady and can be used on babies too. The scents are amazing and they even do one that is called Romantic which would be ideal. They can be found here and at £35 each are a lovely gift with the two in one use.

Something for a Gym Lover

two protein cookies and a love potion cup with straw

Gym lovers are often keen on protein filled snacks and drinks. These cookies from Strippd are £1.99 each and available from Superdrug or directly from Does your loved one make shakes? How about making their favourite shake for them in this Love Potion cup/flask. It is available for just £2.99 from Home Bargains.


These Earphones from Brainwavz might just be the thing for your loved one to listen to their favourite music in the gym. Maybe they are forever complaining they need some new ones? Or you could make them an old fashioned mixed tape type compilation to go with them?

Something for a soft toy loving partner

4 small soft toys

These cute little Itty Bittys by Hallmark are a perfect gift for a youngster to give to their first boyfriend/girlfriend. There are so many available but these are my favourite. They are Belle and the Beast, and Lady and the Tramp. Available from many card shops stocking the Hallmark range of cards they are around £5.99 each and I recently saw them in a shop near me for £10 for two. They would also be a lovely gift for a child who is feeling left out on Valentine’s day.

Something for an Evening Out

aq black shirt and a red tie

If you want to buy something special that can be worn for an evening out for Valentine’s Day then this Avail Black Muscle Fit shirt is lovely. At £34.99 it is available from Avail here. Perfect for a man who doesn’t want to wear pink because its Valentine’s Day but still wants to do his bit it teams well with this red tie from Dobell at just £6.99 available here.

deep red bag with strap

This gorgeous deep red bag in the colour “berry” is from Mia Tui who sell some gorgeous bags. This is a cross body style bag with lots of useful pockets and clips but still looking slim and lovely. It is just £24 and available in other colours too so if this isn’t the perfect colour pop and see what other choices they are. I love my Mia Tui bags as they look great but are so practical too and very well made. This style bag is available here.


Something to make them feel gorgeous

white floorboards with red rose petals and two sets of make up brushes and some lip balm

Sometimes we just want to put some make up on and feel better about ourselves. This Look Good Feel Better Mini Masterclass Set of brushes is perfect for sensitive skin as they are really soft. The set is £20 from Marks and Spencers. The So Eco Eye Kit is from All Beauty’s Eco friendly range where all items are ethically sourced and the handles of this set are made with Bamboo. Available from All Beauty and at just £14.50 it is a lovely gift for the loved one who loves make up. How about something for the lips ready for a nice soft kiss? This Jack Black Intense therapy Lip Balm is £7.25 from and is perfect for dry or sore lips. With a 25spf it is great for all year round too.

Gilette razor

It isn’t November/Movember anymore so maybe he needs a shave and would appreciate this Gillette Razor? It is a popular good value model and currently only £8 a Boots. If this is the gift for you it is available here.

selections of sachets of face masks etc

How about this lovely hamper from 7th Heaven it is £19.99 and look how much you get in it! There is allsorts from face masks to foot treatments and hair treatments. Something for everyone to feel properly pampered!

Illuminated Mirror

How about this gorgeous illuminated mirror. Perfect for on the dressing table while you are preparing for an evening out. It is either battery operated or wired with a USB cable so ideal for anywhere you wish. It is available on Amazon here* for £17.99.

Something Small

earrings, necklace, rings, soaps in the shape of roses and vaseline tin.

If you want to give a small gift it doesn’t have to be an engagement ring you can find some wonderful small items too. These gorgeous soaps are available with 9 in a tin for £14.99 on Amazon here* and really are something unusual for your loved one. Or if you have less to spend what about a little Vaseline tin personalised with statements such as Be Mine? You can order your own. Or maybe you want to go with jewellery? These gorgeous items are all available from Jewellery Box. I think the infinity set is gorgeous and perfect Valentine’s gift. Or maybe you prefer the spiral drop earrings or the rose gold coloured ring set? There are so many items over on the website with such a range of prices there really is something for everyone.

Avocado plus, heart shape candles and heart red confetti

This cute little avocado plush is just £2.99 from Home Bargains and maybe is just the right little token item for someone you love? Or maybe you want some heart shaped tea lights for the romantic meal? These again from Home Bargains are just 99p for a pack. Or 69p for the heart shaped confetti while you’re in Home Bargains may just top off that gift?

Bedroom sign, chalk board, message in a bottle and chocolate rose

This bedroom sign I found in B&M Bargains for £2.99 and I thought it was lovely. The Chocolate rose is from Morrisons but available in many places from around 99p. The chalk board was also from Morrisons and I think it is great for all year round. Or why not leave your loved one a message in a bottle for just 99p from Home Bargains?

Something so you can write down your love

Pop up card with a red rose inside and a gold and black luxury notebook and pen

Maybe writing your feelings down would be the perfect way for you to show your love? This gorgeous notebook is one from The Gifted Notebook and at £13.95 it would be a lovely gift or you could write love letters in perhaps? Or how about this fantastic pop up card with a lovely 3D Rose inside? It is £7.45 on amazon here* but much nicer than cards in the local supermarket so great for brownie points!

Something you can do together

Chocolate kit and flapjack kit

How about you buy something you can do together? This Flapjack making kit from Strippd looks fun and a bit different. It is available from Superdrug or for £12.99. Or maybe making chocolates is your thing? This Indigo herbs Chocolate kit is great for a huge variety of people as it is vegan, gluten free and dairy free. It is £19.99 and would make a lovely activity to do together. If you fancy buying it or taking a closer look you can find it here.

a blue supercar

How about tickets to The Supercar Event in July? More information and even a giveaway so you can win some tickets are available here.

Contents of sushi kit

How about you make a nice meal together? This Sushi kit available from Sous Chef here would make a lovely gift for yourselves and includes all you would need other than the meat or vegetables you will use. IT looks like so much fun to do together and I am sure would be a good aphrodisiac making it together too!


a vibrator, condoms and lube with rose petals on a wooden floor with a purple rose cushion

This bright pink So Devine Kiss Kiss Rabbit Vibrator is a popular choice I am told and sells well. If you’re looking for one then maybe this is the one for you. It warms to body temperature, is USB chargable, has 3 speeds and 7 pulsating patterns. For £64.99 it could get you lots of brownie points in the bedroom and is available on Amazon here*. Why not also buy some unusual condoms? This One range (Pack of 12 in 6 designs for £9.99) from Superdrug takes the boring out of essential in the bedroom. They have various patterns and designs so are something a little different to add a giggle to that private time. The One also do their own range of lube (from £7.99), again very fun and different and available from Superdrug. Pop in and have a look and take that embarrassment out of sex, after all it is how we all came into the world!

Whatever you chose to give each other for Valentine’s Day remember you have each other and that is the best present! If you don’t have anyone to buy for how about checking out my Anti-Valentine’s Gifts to treat yourself? The post is here and full of lots of ideas!

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**I received some items in this guide as samples to share with you however I would not share them if I didn’t think they were great!

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