5 Reasons to Start Cycling this Spring

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It is a long time since I rode a bike but it is an activity I would like to start again. Stuart enjoys cycling and in nice weather sometimes cycles to work and back each day. It is around 13 miles for him each way so quite a workout! Cycling really is a good pastime and doesn’t have to be too expensive so I thought I would share with you 5 reasons to start cycling this spring.

Everyone will have different reasons they think cycling is great but these are mine!

  • It is great for burning calories. According to the British Heart Foundation Exercise Calorie Calculator a woman aged 30 who weighs 12 stone would burn 457 calories with 1 hour of light cycling.
  • In comparison to running you get so much further in an hour of cycling so you get to see so much more in the way of countryside etc. It is a great way of seeing the area around you.
  • It is a great way of getting fresh air and a pastime you can do as a family. Many children have a bike and even children like Ben who struggle to ride a conventional bike due to disabilities can often have an adapted cycle. Depending on your family demographics it is likely this could be a really enjoyable and healthy family activity at the weekend.
  • Cycling compared to going to a gym is much more cost effective. All the items needed to ride a bike can be bought for less than a years gym membership and then if it is something you find you really enjoy you can look at more specialist bikes and spend a little more.
  • There are so many muscles used in riding a bike which make it a real full body work out. It is however a low impact exercise and according to the NHS in their article here this makes it much easier on your joints than higher impact exercises like running.

If you are new to cycling there is a great guide on the NHS website in their Livewell section about cycling for beginners. It is full of information about the legal requirements to make a bike roadworthy, how much cycling you should do and how to build it up gradually, and lots of information on the health benefits of cycling.

There are a few key things you need to remember before you go out cycling. A helmet is a must for you and any children cycling with you. They are not expensive but they could save your life! Reflective clothing and lights are pretty essential too depending on what time of day you may be out. Even if you only intend on cycling in the day remember that sometimes the weather can make visibility difficult. For the sake of a little money on some suitable clothing you could save your life! Make sure you ride a roadworthy and suitable bike for your height and weight too. For a wide selection of bikes from some great brands, shop for bikes online with Formby cycles.

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  1. C Phipps
    March 23, 2018 / 4:11 pm

    The last time I tried to ride my bike I discovered I had forgotten how , my husband and daughter were laughing so much they were holding each other up . I am thinking of looking for adult stabilizers lol

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