5 tips for keeping your home warm on a budget

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This year the winter seems to have dragged on a bit doesn’t it which is rubbish if you are trying to budget and spend as little as possible on the bills. Here I thought I would share a few tips with you on how to keep your home warm on a budget!

Whatever you do though remember to consider your health and make sure that you do not get too cold as that is the priority. There are benefits and grants available to people on low incomes and the elderly to help with bills if you are struggling with heating costs. It is also worth looking at is government schemes for things like cavity wall insulation, new boilers and solar panels. Check the official government website for more information or contact your local citizens advice.

  • Look at all doors and windows and see if there are any drafts you could cheaply remove. It can be really cheap to replace draft excluder strips or to just pop a towel or something around the bottom of a door to prevent such a draft. The difference can be really significant.
  • Close your curtains in the evenings in all rooms rather than waiting until bedtime to close your bedroom curtains. The difference can be very noticeable.
  • When you have finished cooking and turn the oven off leave the oven door open to use the latent heat to warm the home. It will make a little difference and you will be quite surprised. Be careful however if you have children, pets or clumsy people to ensure it is safe!
  • Turn the radiators off and shut the door in rooms you do not use. It will help reduce the amount of the house the heating has to heat and as such the heating will be on less to get to the right temperature in the rooms you do use.
  • Bleed your radiators. If there is lots of air in the radiator system then you are not getting full effect of them and bleeding them is really easy – even I can do it!

Don’t forget that if you have any work done on your central heating system to ensure that you employ a qualified Corgi registered engineer who is on the Gas safety register. It is illegal and unsafe not to so this is one area you really must not cut costs. Ensure you put your family first and yourself by keeping safe, they are registered and regulated for a reason. Gas can kill if not connected properly and really isn’t a risk you should take. There is nothing stopping you however from contacting a few different engineers and finding the one with the best quote. Encourage them to order parts for the best deal if you can wait and don’t need it fixing asap as this is often cheaper for them which can reduce the price for you. One example would be to buy central heating pumps at Pump Sales Direct instead of a more expensive retailer – some are half the RRP!



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