5 Tips to get your car summer ready

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Although the weather seems a little undecided the clocks are now in British summer time and allegedly it will soon be summer. So how can we make sure the family car is summer ready? I have some ideas here that are probably a bit different to others as I am not at all mechanically minded! I think more of practicality and comfort. So how do I suggest you make sure your car is summer ready?

Thinking about the summer – the ideal summer anyway! The weather is hot and we love to go on longer road trips to the beach and to countryside for nice walks don’t we. With this in mind these are my 5 essential tips to get your car summer ready!

  1. Put some water bottles or other drinks in the boot, ideally in an area that wont get too warm if possible. Imagine being stuck in traffic or breaking down in the middle of nowhere on a hot day. It would be uncomfortable enough without being dehydrated too.
  2. Put snacks and toys in the car for the kids – remember though not chocolate or jelly sweets that will melt!
  3. Make sure the windows work properly and the air conditioning gas is filled up nothing worse than being hot and screaming hot kids!
  4. Check your first aid kit and that you have baby wipes in the car! Think of those summer days out and what you may need for nettle stings, ice cream spillages, cut knees and a few sweets to cheer up a little one who has hurt themselves are always good too!
  5. Make sure your car is safe and roadworthy! Book a date at a reputable MOT centre and get your car checked over, If you are in the Kent area you could book with KAP Motor group. Wherever you go ensure they are properly registered. If you are not sure when your car is due an MOT you can easily check here on the government website.

Do you have any other tips? If so do comment them below as I would love to hear them. Have a great summer and stay safe.

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