7 Reasons to get your eyes tested

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As you know I have recently started wearing glasses for work at the computer, watching TV, reading etc. I only have quite a weak prescription but I have noticed a huge difference as my eyes were straining a lot. My eyes also really struggled to adjust when I moved from working at the laptop to looking at something else. I was blinking a lot trying to focus and having headaches. It wasn’t until I got my glasses that I realised how much I needed help with my vision and the difference it has made.

Prior to realising I was struggling a bit, and after some pestering from Stuart, that I needed to get my eyes checked out I really was in denial. As such I wanted to share with you 7 reasons you really should get your eyes tested and book in for it today if you haven’t had them done for a while. It is more important than you think!

  • Opticians can spot a lot more than just if you need glasses! There are certain conditions that an optician can keep an eye out for and really it is so important that they do you have no reason to miss this.


  • Glasses and contact lenses don’t have to be as expensive as you think. There are online websites such as Vision Direct who can offer contact lenses at up to 45% less than the high street and even offer next day delivery depending on requirements! So don’t let the prices put you off.


  • You do not need to order glasses or contact lenses from the place that does your eye test, they can give you a prescription to take away.


  • Eye tests can be free if you are in receipt of certain benefits or even from checking out the opticians website where you can often find coupons!


  • Why have headaches when you don’t have to – they may be mild and not often like mine were but the difference without them now is immense!


  • It isn’t like when we were kids, there are glasses to suit everyone and if you really don’t like the idea of glasses go for contact lenses.


  • Having your eyes tested means you can see as well as possible. My friend says she hates wearing hers as it makes the world 3D and real, but you know what, if it helps you see then you need those glasses or contacts so get those eyes tested and order what you need!

This post was sponsored by Vision Direct who offer great value contact lenses to suit everyone including trial packs if you are not sure if they are for you. Why not pop and have a look but either way get those eyes tested!

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