Competitions as a lucrative and fun hobby – get in on the action and win too!

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There are some people who enter a lot of competitions both on and offline and do amazingly well. Have you heard of a lady called Di Coke from the website Superluckyme. She has won so many things and now makes a living from giveaways! Many people win enough to make Christmas cheaper and it is actually possible! Crazy isn’t it!

Firstly remember to enter lots of competitions to generally improve your chances, if you only enter one and then don’t win you can hardly complain you never win anything can you! Secondly check everywhere for giveaways and competitions, blogs, brand websites, cereal boxes and specific websites. There are competitions everywhere! Some require you to share things on social media for extra entries or comment on a blog post for example.

A new website I have recently come across is iWon-iWon

Once you have registered it is as simple as they say you literally just click to enter. Each of the competitions you can enter daily if you wish and it is as simple as that. They don’t sell your email on (it is illegal in the new data protection regulations coming in soon anyway!). On each giveaway just before you click to win there is any specific terms of that prize for example I saw one where if you won the main prize they would video you and by entering you are agreeing to that. Another one I entered there was an option to have your email passed on to the company offering the prize. Note this is an option and you certainly don’t have to. I absolutely love this idea!

While you are searching everywhere for good giveaways to enter from winning holidays and cars to winning a bottle of shampoo or a bag make sure you don’t miss sites with lots of giveaways on all at once like iWon-iWon where that are at least 50 giveaways to enter every day! A few clicks and you are entered, as easy as that! It is not like the sites where you click to enter and at the same time agree to be bombarded with emails and phone calls trying to sell you stuff either, I hate them don’t you? It is simply click to win, they don’t make their money selling your details they make it with things like adverts on the website but hey if you don’t like them ignore them! If you get into doing this regularly check out their regular users reward scheme (Lucky 7) too!

Do you spend a lot of time scrolling through Facebook? If you like the iWon-iWon page you will see all their latest giveaways too so might be worth a click and joining their group has yet more competitions! Their Twitter (@dailyclicktowin) has them on too, and hey why not be in with every chance of winning in my opinion and don’t miss any!

In my opinion entering giveaways and competitions it is definitely something better to do than boredom eating so worth a look and hey if you win something you don’t want I am sure you can find someone who would like it. Obviously if its a nice trip away remember me for pointing you in the comping direction! Just remember with each website to check whether by joining you have given them the right to sell your information on because whilst iWon-iWon don’t, not all websites are like that!

Have you won anything recently? I cant remember the last time I won anything so I am determined now to start giving it a go and hoping to win some amazing prizes!

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  1. March 18, 2018 / 9:56 am

    I’ll have to go check that out. Love free stuff!

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