Encouraging Pre-Teens Self Care With Aquafresh

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Pre-teens are a difficult age in some ways with starting to hit puberty and also wanting to be less of a child. Ben is 12 and in some ways he is like a teenager but he is also still my little boy. I want him to grow to look after himself which of course given his autism will be harder to learn etc. Pre-teens aged 9-12 have so much to deal with. Learning their own style and taking care of themselves being the most fun but also most challenging in some respects. Brushing teeth can be a battle too!

Recently Ben has had more choice about how he wants his hair cut. He wanted a Mohican however given school rules on extreme hair cuts and also the fact he wanted bright colours like Sheamus from WWE wrestling didn’t help! We found a compromise and he had a cut that could be spiked like a Mohican and sprayed with coloured hair spray in the school holidays or special occasions. As long as his hair is clean and manageable I am pretty open to his ideas. Though he’s not having a grade zero!

Brushing teeth is another matter though isn’t it. In children’s eyes it is less about appearance and style and more about boring and a routine that keeps them away from the Xbox, or maybe that’s just Ben. It can easily seem a chore for kids but actually bad teeth can really affect so much in life starting with confidence! Pre-teens also have lost the interest in fun character toothbrushes haven’t they that younger children have. They have likely moved on to more adult styles and toothpastes which just adds to the feeling that its a boring chore. We were sent Aquafresh Advance toothpaste and toothbrushes for Ben and his 9 year old cousin Alex to try out.

What makes Aquafresh Advance Different?

Children aged 9-12 have got most if not all of their adult teeth through but they are still pretty new. This means they are delicate and the enamel is softer and much more vulnerable to sugar acid attack. They need extra care so pre-teens need to like the toothbrush and toothpaste and be keen to use it. Through these years they especially need to be building the habits and protecting their teeth right now.

What did Ben and Alex think of Aquafresh Advance?

Both boys were keen to try their new toothbrush and toothpaste. I think the fact that it is aimed at their age group helped. The packaging is cool and at this age when everything is all about being grown up that is important. I think that given the reactions Aquafresh have definitely got this right. The toothpaste is minty but not too minty according to Ben and it seemed to foam up well and neither of the boys disliked it so overall I was very impressed as a mum.

Ben was a bit unsure about having his photo taken brushing his teeth as couldn’t work out how to pose! Typical pre-teen thinking of appearance he also was bothered that his hair is due a cut!

Is it expensive?

The Aquafresh Advance toothpaste and toothbrushes are ¬£2 each so not dissimilar from other brands. For me the advantage too is knowing as a mum that I am doing my best for Ben and his teeth and I am sure my sister (Alex’s mum) feels the same. Both boys have gorgeous smiles. It would be a shame to spoil that with teeth that are not looked after.

Would I recommend it?

I certainly would but each child is different, maybe your child wont like it, what I do say though is it really is worth trying! Teeth are so important and I hate mine, I hope Ben grows with a lovely smile and not afraid to show off his lovely teeth. The bristles of the brushes are not as soft as a babies toothbrush but not too hard either and bristles of different lengths help them clean all the hard to reach bits like between the teeth while still being gentle!


Aquafresh Inventors

Is your child a budding inventor? The lovely team at Aquafresh are running a competition for kids who can invent something amazing and the winner actually gets their invention made, I mean how amazing is that! For more information go to this website www.AquafreshInventorsAcademy.com and check out the video below.

Please note that I was sent the toothbrushes and toothpastes in return for an honest review. All opinions above are my own as is my lovely Ben who is growing up fast. I cant take credit for my cute nephew Alex though he is my sisters boy!

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**This post is sponsored by Aquafresh** – read what that means here.

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