Globenfeld Super Sport Watch Review

Ben and Stuart do love a good watch so when I was offered this one for review they were both very keen! If you haven’t previously seen Globenfeld they are a very good quality brand of watch at very reasonable prices. I always think they look great for gifts as they are special but not with a designer price tag because lets face it not many people actually spend hundreds on a watch do they!

With a clear and stylish face this watch is definitely suitable for any teenager or man. With a 5 year warranty you know you are buying a quality watch because lets face it the cheap ones come with a year and how often do they stop working properly after 14 months! The brand are that sure that you will like it they even offer a 60 day money back guarantee with no questions asked if you don’t get on with it.

The strap and watch face are very heavy and clearly well built. It feels like a very solid watch but not too heavy to be uncomfortable. Ben is 12 and he is more than happy to wear it and it fits his smaller wrists well too. If I hadn’t been sent this it is definitely one I would consider buying as a gift for a child of his age and upwards maybe as an exam results gift or just a special birthday. I can imagine it lasting well and being a nice thing for them to remember they were given to celebrate that event. Equally it is great for a grown man too.

It was really easy to set up and the instructions are clear and not excessive. It keeps time well and is so clear and easy to operate, even I could do it! If I had struggled I would have called the customer service team as there is even a card for that in the box which I think is pretty good.

Is it the kind of watch you would buy for a gift? If so pop and have a look on Amazon here*. It is currently on offer for £49.99 and also available with a blue or a black face.

Please note I was sent this watch in exchange for an honest review. All the opinions above are my own and I genuinely did think this was a great watch.

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