Healthy Extra B snacking ideas

If you follow Slimming World the chances are that often you try to avoid using your healthy b choice for a meal and instead want to use it for a snack. The obvious ideas are cereal bars such as the Hi-Fi bars available at Slimming World groups. There are many other options though so I thought I would share some of mine and Stuart’s favourites with you.

Cereal bars

The Alpen light bars are tasty and often on offer for £1 a box. With two for a healthy b choice we often buy these. My favourite flavour is the banoffee. There are lots of other options though with other high fibre low calorie cereal bars being listed on the Slimming World App as a healthy extra choice.


I am not a big fan of nuts (except chocolate covered ones!!) but Stuart really enjoys them as a healthy extra b choice. Depending on your nuts of choice there are different amounts allowed but its a very different snack if you want to avoid breads or cereals, the usual choices. We recently trued some of these Crazy Jacks and jumble bee nuts and snacks. Not all are healthy extra B choices but if you want a more natural snack than a bar of chocolate that still gives you that sweet fix they might be for you.


There are not many wraps which are a healthy b choice as many don’t contain enough fibre however we have bought some of the Bfree wraps before that are. They are sometimes found in the free from section rather than with other wraps. Using the healthy extra a cheese or meal, salad etc the wraps make a nice healthy and filling snack. Check out the Slimming World app for current options.

Dried Fruit

Not all dried fruit is a healthy extra b choice but these Crazy Jack Apricots are with 50g for a healthy extra b choice. What a lovely snack they make and healthier than a bar of chocolate too! Sultanas unfortunately are not a healthy extra but even synned they make a great choice. Dates, prunes and figs dried are also healthy extras so worth a look too.


So, white toastie thick toast isn’t a healthy extra unfortunately but if you can enjoy wholemeal bread and are prepared to weigh 60g of it or have two slices from a 400g loaf then toast may be the snack for you. If you use the healthy extra a choice as cheese then an evening snack of cheese on toast is a yummy one!


Don’t forget to check yourself which items are healthy extra choices if you follow Slimming World and how many grams you can count.

What do you snack on if you want something that feels a bit healthier than a bar of chocolate or packet of crisps?

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