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It is often a sticking point for people who follow plans like Slimming World to find healthy easy lunches that are not using their syns or costing a fortune. Here I share with you some great ideas that may help a little depending on what kind of job you do or what sort of lunch you like. Obviously not all work environments have access to the same amenities so I have tried to give a mixture of ideas.


Taking soup is really easy in a Thermos Flask as this Stainless King 1.2l keeps food hot for a whole 24 hours so even long distance drivers can have something warm. There are so many different soups that you don’t have to get bored. Check out my soups section for some tasty ones.


Cous Cous Salad

Mixing up some cous cous with salad like diced peppers, cherry tomatoes, diced cucumber, diced onions and a little fat free vinaigrette can make a tasty lunch without all the syns/calories of a shop bought similar meal. It can be made more filling with chunks of chicken or other meats.


The Night Before’s Tea

If you have access to a microwave at work or like me are lucky enough to work from home then this is a perfect for a filling and easy meal at lunchtime. It is so easy to just make a bit extra and saves so much time the next day! Check out my recipe section for lots and lots of ideas!


Pasta Salad

Simple and easy just boil some pasta and allow to cool. Then add in some halved cherry tomatoes, cubed cucumber, diced peppers, some pickled red cabbage in its juice (this helps make the pasta salad less dry), some diced onion and whatever else you fancy!

Sweetcorn Fritter, Rocket and Salsa

This is a lovely lunch as you eat it cold so it doesn’t need warming through but it is a bit more filling than salad because lets face it salad can be nice but isn’t always that filling! Sweetcorn Fritter could be adapted to make other fritters quite easily.



A salad doesn’t have to just be leaves, tomatoes and cucumber there are so many great things you can put into a salad. Ideas include eggs, chicken, Quorn, baby corn, mangetout, sugar snap peas, peppers, beetroot, pickled onions, cottage cheese, pineapple, ham, onions, celery, spring onions, rice, pasta, cous cous, apple and so much more the list is really endless so salad doesn’t have to be boring!


Vegetable sticks and dips

If you fancy a lighter lunch then vegetable sticks and dips maybe with some cooked chicken or crab sticks too can be really easy and again not needing any kitchen equipment. I have some great dip recipes here so the choice is yours.


Curry Loaf and Salad

Again this doesn’t require any kitchen equipment so ideal if you work out and about or just don’t feel like queueing for the work microwave! The curry loaf is easy to make and you could make it at the weekend or the night before the choice is yours.

Jacket Potato

If you have a microwave at work could you take a potato and the filling separately and microwave a potato at work? It might not be for everyone but it is pretty easy to do and very cheap so maybe just the right meal idea for you?



Why not use your healthy extra b choice and have a sandwich for your lunch if that’s what you fancy or fits well into your lifestyle. There are so many sandwich filings it can give you a good variety but still be on plan. The only disadvantage with it however is of course that it is using that element which means you cant have it for another meal or snack that day.


Pasta, Chilli or Curry in a Flask

If you have a food flask then there is nothing stopping you taking foods like this in it and keeping it hot until lunch. Runnier foods work better in them I find but see how you get on. Depending on the consistency of your meal you can sometimes get away with a drinks flask too if it will pour out of the neck.



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