My Dream Wedding Abroad

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Whilst I have been with Stuart almost 4 years now we have no plans to get married. We live together and he is a fabulous Dad to Ben but marriage isn’t something that really fits in with our life priorities. We are happy as we are. Also I guess because I have been married previously I would be a bit unsure and part of me would love a really special but private wedding. So today I thought I would share with you my dreams of a wedding abroad if money was no object.

My dream wedding would have to be on one of the islands of the Indian Ocean and I think my favourite is Mauritius. Can you imagine the beauty of walking along the beach with a sunset like this over the ocean? The first evening as a married couple watching the sun set? It has to be better than somewhere like Las Vegas for me because I love the romance and quiet which you don’t get many places. I would love to get married on the beach with a gorgeous but lightweight dress on and really feel amazing. I have been daydreaming looking on Destination2 Holidays wondering how we could make enough money to afford such a dream. Maybe one of you readers will win the lottery and give me some? I can dream can’t I!

The weather in the Autumn there is the nicest so I think that would be a perfect season for a wedding. I would probably just combine a wedding and honeymoon if we got married there as it is so beautiful. Though I guess if money was really no object I would maybe visit other places too and make it a very long extended honeymoon! I love this photo (above) and can totally imagine relaxing on a hammock in the sun the day before my wedding to just relax completely with no stress. Then spend the honeymoon holding hands in the sun and watching the sunset. I know I am just a big romantic aren’t I. I am totally not an adventurous person that would want an action packed honeymoon though I must admit the idea of seeing the coral reef does sound amazing. How could you go to Mauritius and not do that? I guess overcoming my fear of water would be an essential first though!

Doesn’t this look amazing? I certainly think so, and as I have been typing this it has started raining here and made me feel as far as possible from the beauty of Mauritius. I am however going to enter this competition with Destination2 to win a honeymoon there because I guess if we won such an amazing honeymoon we would consider a wedding too! Feel free to click and enter too but if you win don’t rub it in and make me jealous!

Where would be your dream wedding or vow renewal? Did you get married somewhere exotic or honeymoon somewhere like this? Do share so I can dream some more whilst sitting in rainy Nottinghamshire!

**This is a Sponsored Post**

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