Numbalee (A Family Number Game) – Review

Ben loves playing board games with us. His favourites are Rummikub, Monopoly and Scrabble so when I was asked if I would like to try the new game Numbalee out I thought why not, Ben will love it. Equally I was a little unsure as there are so many games on the market and so many don’t seem to make it or are too complicated. Ben as you know has autism, he is very academic but also has little patience for too many rules. What did we think to Numbalee.

What is Numbalee?

A family game which uses mathematics in a fun way as a family. The game is aimed at children aged 6 and above and has actually got 15 games that can be played with the tiles and games are for between 1 and 8 players. As such the game you chose to play can really be based on preference or just which element of numeracy you are encouraging the child to work on. The game comes in a durable fabric bag with an instruction book which fits neatly inside, 150 number tiles, a maths symbols dice and two 12 sided dice. Some of these are not needed in some of the games but that really is no problem.

What did I think of Numbalee as a parent?

At first the fact there are so many games to chose from was a little daunting. The first game we played was actually easy to understand and when I explained it to Ben he grasped it quite easily. It was a fun game that didn’t seem like it was “maths practice” and both myself and Ben enjoyed it. I personally think that whilst it says aged 6 and above most 6 year olds would struggle on their own and need to be in a team with an older person to play however would still enjoy it. I thought it was well developed and not too educational feeling. I love the fact all the things you need come in such a handy pouch that really feels like it will last including the instructions. I enjoyed playing it as much as Ben which was good as some games are really dull for a parent aren’t they!

What did Ben think of Numbalee as a child?

Ben really enjoyed the game and said it was fun. He enjoyed it as much as he enjoys Rummikub so if your child likes that they could well enjoy this. Ben also liked the fact that it could be played as a team and it wasn’t all focussed on winning or losing. He loved that actually he could play it as well as me when he got his head around how to play it. Ben beat me too which was great!

Would I recommend Numbalee?

Yes I would definitely recommend the games though I would say that a family with all young children aged 6/7 may struggle as like I said above younger children would probably need support to play it depending on their maths skills. The perfect game for a home school group in my opinion or for a family game with teams of children and adults aged 6 and above. It is definitely the sort of game my mum would have at her house to play with the grandchildren when they visit. I could also imagine it working well in a school environment especially for encouraging children to think outside the box a bit when it comes to their maths skills.

Where can I buy it?

The Numbalee game is £19.99 and available at and also on Amazon*.


Please note I was given this game prior to release to try out and review however all views above are my own and those of my son Ben.

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