Red Candy for Funky Homeware – A Review

I have often seen items from Red Candy advertised but never really taken a proper look so when they asked if I would like to order from them and review I was keen to see what they had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised with how much choice I had and was really undecided what to get!

There is everything from clocks to kitchen bins and furniture to telephones so there is something for everyone. Everything they sell is a bit quirky so if you are the sort of person that likes really boring unimaginative housewares then this really isn’t the site for you. That said they have lovely photo frames which can be quite simple I guess. I was very spoilt for choice and decided on a Joseph Joseph wash and drain bowl for a kitchen sink. It is a normal washing up bowl I guess but has its own plug to drain so saves the mess of trying to tip out a bowl and getting splashed! It is actually pretty cool and definitely would recommend it.

The other item I chose was a vegetable peeler. Whilst this may sound dull I was impressed that it was pink! Not only that but it is a rotary one with three different blades so there is no rooting around in the drawer if I want my julienne peeler now as it is all in one.

As I do a lot of cooking from scratch I find that I am often using a peeler. This to me means that a good one is really important and I have thrown many away that are just too fiddly. I love the idea of this one and I seem to be getting on with it ok so far so it isn’t in the bin yet which is a step ahead of many I have had, time will tell.

The Red Candy website is a bit like going to Ikea, you don’t think you need anything but then you see lots that you love. Before you know it you have bought loads of things you definitely think you need now and that you couldn’t live without. I would definitely recommend popping and having a look on their website and see what you can find. Do share with me any great finds on there too as I am always tempted by something a bit different.


Please note I was given these two items in return for an honest review. All views above are my own, yes I really am that sad to love a good vegetable peeler!

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