Simple Garden Design Hacks to Lower Stress

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When I was offered this post to share I thought it was perfect as if any of you readers are like me you like a simple easy to maintain garden. I hate the stress of gardening and welcome any hacks to make it easier. If you have any others do let me know!

Your garden is an extension of your home but what design should you opt for? You need one that suits you, the size and shape of your garden as well as being easy to maintain. Read on to find out more about garden design hacks that will make your garden the perfect outdoor space.

When summer (finally) arrives, most of de-camp from the living room to the outdoor living room. the perfect open plan space, the garden is many things to many people – an outdoor playground for the kids, a space to nap in the summer sun and a scented haven of an outdoor dining room.

But, like the interior of our homes, keeping the garden ship-shape can take hours of effort. These simple, yet effective garden design hacks will see you enjoying your garden more, and worrying less about weeding, mowing and keeping borders in check.

HACK 1 – Versatile garden furniture

If you are still taking your life into your own hands by sitting on a cheap plastic chair, the time has come to ditch the possibility of chair legs splaying out beneath you and opt for the best quality garden furniture your budget will stretch to.

There are many hardy materials to choose from, including hardwood such as teak to a sustainable material called rattan. Commonly seen in conservatories, rattan furniture is also perfect for the garden.

And gone are the days when the only option was to buy an outdoor dining set. Versatility is the name of the game and so choose a rattan cube garden furniture set, for example, that is perfect for both formal and informal al fresco dining, as well as chairs to relax in. There is even a dining set complete with footstools for those lazy times in the garden.

HACK 2 – Clever with colour

When it comes to your garden, colour is key but, if you think this means hours and hours of sowing seeds, planting on and pruning shrubs, think again.

Colour can be brought into the garden in many ways but adding too much, with no sense of cohesion between anything leaves it looking like an explosion in a rainbow factory. If that’s what you are aiming for, great! If not, this is what you need to do;

  • The best background colour for fences is… GREEN! Darker green fences help the green foliage in your garden stand out. Who would have thought?!
  • The range of outdoor paints and stains is increasing, from pleasant mustard yellows to on-trend pastel shades of pink and blue. Choose colours for painting furniture, fences etc. as you would in your home – two main colours and a third accent colour.
  • Accessories are a great way of adding pops of colour and detail but when it comes to plant pots choose similar shades and tone of colour but vary the height and width of the pots. This way you stop your garden looking too matchy-matchy.

HACK 3 – Heaven scent

The one thing guaranteed to relax even the most stressed body and mind is a pleasant, gentle scent wafting around. In the garden, this means choosing a few plants that give off a scent that is not overpowering.

  • Lavender – associated with relaxing and de-stressing, lavender gives off its scent when something brushes against it so plant it next to garden paths or in tubs by the back door or patio. Check that the plant is scented before you buy it as not all give off their distinctive lavender perfume.
  • Lemon-scented geraniums – the scent of the geranium is in the leaf and again, when you brush past it or touch it, it gives off its pleasant perfume. It also gives off a light fragrance when the breeze tickles it leaves too.
  • Night-scented stocks – flowers and plants use their scent to attract pollinating creatures, such as bees. Night-scented stocks guide insects by giving off their subtle, but not overly-sweet scent at night. Perfect, we think, for evenings on the patio watching the sunset.

These are just three examples of scented, easy-to-grow plants in the garden. There are others too, such as a vanilla scented clematis or why not try your hand at growing wisteria with its decadent, dropping purple blooms and a heavenly scent?

HACK 4 – Minimal heaven

It is a design scheme that works in the home as well as in the garden, and there is a lot to be said for a minimal, no fuss design.

Keep flower border narrow or small patches, the planting simple yet elegant. Pad out the garden with evergreen shrubs and if you don’t want the drudgery of mowing the lawn once a week, consider joining the growing band of artificial lawned homes. However, make sure you get the drainage right or with the summer rain, your garden could become a swamp.

The garden should never be stressful or stress inducing. It should always be a place of calmness and happiness. Is your outdoor space fit for summer?

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**This is a Collaborative post**

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