16 Top Supermarket Money Saving Tips You Need To Know

I often see people saying they cant afford to eat healthily or do Slimming World because it is more expensive. I think in some ways it can be. There are many ways you can reduce your bill and when you take into account how expensive ready meals and fast food that makes a difference too. Here are my top tips for saving money when you do the shopping because it can be done I promise.

1. Use reward cards/loyalty schemes – Always use your reward cards but be sure to check that the offers for extra points when buying things don’t tempt you to spend more than you would have done. If even including the extra points it is more expensive do you really want it? Often the extra points are actually really when converted only equivalent to pennies anyway, but 300 points always sounds better doesn’t it. Remember to check Asda Price Guarantee too!
2. Check different areas of the supermarket – Some items can be cheaper in the “world foods” section of the supermarket. This is common with tinned tomatoes, chick peas and other beans etc, lentils, and many rice and pasta staples. The are usually more unknown brands but at a fraction of the price definitely worth a try.
3. Know the difference between use by and best before – The best before date is a guidance not health advice. Meat has a use by date because after this date (unless frozen) it can cause health concerns. Fruit however has a best before date and many fruit and vegetables are perfectly ok to eat after the date but they wont necessarily be at their best.
4. Watch out for eggs – Boxes of eggs have two dates on, a sell by date and a use by date. You can often by them cheaply on the sell by date because the shops can not sell them after that. The use by date is usually a week after the sell by date so if you use eggs regularly this saves money.
5. Shop Around – If you have the time shop at different supermarkets depending what you need. Prices can usually be checked online and buying items when they are on offer can make a difference. I use an app called My Supermarket often which enables me to put a product in the search and it tells me the price each supermarket is selling at. Cheaper stores like Aldi and Lidl can often be good too but watch out they are not always cheaper for everything!
6. Check pack sizes – This may seem obvious but a few times I have noticed that the larger packs labelled family packs are not always the better value. Most Supermarkets display on the shelf label the price per kg and a quick look to compare these can show you which size pack is better value. Of course only buy as much as you need though or you are wasting money. Loose fruit and vegetables can sometimes work out cheaper than pre-packed too so worth checking.
7. Buy reduced fruit and vegetables – The reductions can be great buys especially when buying whole fruit and vegetables that often last for a few days after the best before date. Cut fruit and vegetables do not last as well. Usually you can see how good fruit or vegetables are just by looking at it.

8. Buy reduced meat, fish and dairy – Most of these products they do need eating by the use by date to prevent health risks. These items can usually be frozen though so always worth buying if you see them cheap and putting in the freezer for when you next need them. Even cheese and yoghurt can usually be frozen. It can be worth portioning cheese up though so each time you only defrost what you need!

9. Base meals around offers and fruit/vegetables in season – If you know what is on offer at one of your regular supermarkets it is always worth basing meals around that. Before I plan a weeks food I often look online to see what the supermarkets have on offer as this can make such a difference. Some vegetables and fruit have huge variations in their prices throughout the year. If it isn’t in season do you really need it or could you swap for something that is in season?

10. Don’t always shop at supermarkets! – While I appreciate this isn’t a supermarket money saving tip I feel its important to point out. Local shops can be cheaper than the supermarkets and their prices often vary more week by week. Obviously it is also nice to support small businesses too.

11. Try cheaper brands – The more expensive brands do not always taste better. Try the cheaper brands and you may realise you can save money without compromising on taste. Passata and tinned tomatoes for example often taste very similar especially when used in a recipe. There may be areas you just cant compromise but there are bound to be areas that you can.

12. Take a shopping list – Only buy what you need or know you have space in the freezer for! Wasted food is wasted money! Meal plan and then write a list before you set foot out of the door if you can.

13. Do you need fresh? – Buy frozen instead of fresh when you can, it is often just as good quality! Often it depends what you are using it for but a bit of experimenting and you can save money in the long term.

14. Get free or money off stuff! – Ok so this isn’t always that easy but keep an eye out for coupons for free products or discounts. Many supermarkets have their own free magazine available near the checkouts. Sometimes these have vouchers in so worth a look. Checking online too can sometimes find a good coupon or two, in newspapers etc or even on the back of products. Don’t buy items especially unless it is definitely worth it though or you could end up spending more.

15. Get sent free goodies so you don’t have to buy them at all – If you email companies sometimes they will send you a sample of their products. Alternatively some brands like to receive positive feedback and respond with freebies. It is never guaranteed but always worth a try if you have time spare. Check their websites too as there are often sections where you can try a product free.

16. Buy less of the expensive stuff – Instead of making a Bolognese with all mince use half and half of mince and beans or lentils it can save a lot of money in the long run. There are lots of meals you can bulk out with cheaper ingredients that make them just as flavoursome.

Do you have any other tips?

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