10 Things we all hate about Facebook……but still use it anyway!

So many of us use Facebook but we also spend so much time complaining about people on it. There are some things I am sure people do really just to be irritating on there yet I can’t drag myself away from it! I do delete and sometimes block people though, do you? Which status updates and such do you find most frustrating?

Here are the 10 things I most hate about Facebook, are yours different?

  • People checking in at hospital and not saying why – if you have time to check in you have time to say why – 99% of time its attention seeking in my book!
  • Vague upset status to which all comments asking if they are ok are responded with “inbox me”!
  • People selling things who say inbox for price – just put it on, its not that hard!
  • Chain messages – I will not put a heart on my wall it doesn’t raise awareness of anything but idiots!
  • Friend Requests from random people abroad – No mutual friends, I don’t know you so why add me?
  • Fake News – Why do people share things without checking it out? Crazy to think how many times I have seen some perfectly alive and well celebrities have died on social media!
  • Being added to groups – Asking people to join a group is so much nicer than adding them – and worse is those that add you to a group because they could win a prize if they add the most number of people!
  • Questions that a quick Google could answer – Anyone know what day the clocks change? Anyone know the phone number for the hospital? All these are just laziness usually!
  • Moaning status’ about unnamed people – if you have a problem, say it or don’t!
  • Type Amen in response to stopping some kind of suffering – nooooooo putting money in a charity box may help, typing amen wont!

Maybe I am just a bit of a grump or do these things bother you too?

Have I missed any? Comment below and let me know! I do like a good whinge!

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  1. April 17, 2018 / 9:58 am

    Ooohh!!! I can totally relate to this! I’ve been a ‘victim’ to all of these. Sad to say, I have close friends who do these. I just ignore those kinds of posts.

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