5 tips to become more organised

**This is a Collaborative post** – read what that means here.

I used to be the most unorganised person but I am improving gradually! I thought I would share with you 5 tips of how you can too become a little more organised. If you are like me and one of those people who will never be super organised but just need to be a bit less disorganised then hopefully these tips will help!

Text yourself – If you are speaking to someone out and about and don’t have pen and paper handy text yourself so you don’t forget then transfer it somewhere else later. That way you can always check back in your messages and find what you agreed!

Get a simple planner with plenty of space – If like me you often forget things you need lots of space to write things down. I love the look of these from Old English Prints Company because as you can see below there is plenty of space to write things in (and cross them out when you get muddled!).


Try to make routines – If you try to ensure you always do certain things on the same day of the week then this helps you remember! I find that this keeps me a little more in check though there is always odd times where something changes and that throws me completely.

Different planners or notebooks for different things – I have found that having different notebooks and planners for different things keeps me on track a little as there is always somewhere suitable to write down what I need to remember whether that is a blog post idea or a trip to the dentist. It does however mean more places to check if you write something down and don’t know where! You will soon be on track though.


Pens and paper everywhere in the house – Having little blocks of paper and pens all over makes it easier to jot things down to transfer to your planner later. Just remember to transfer it otherwise you end up hunting for a little scrap of paper when you think you have something on one day but cant remember what!

If you want to win a set of planners (as shown in the picture above) then the lovely guys over at Old English Company have a giveaway you might fancy entering. You can find their giveaway here. If you win and don’t need them all then I would love them!


**This is a Collaborative post** – read what that means here.

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