Bringing the outside in this spring

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Now we finally have some sunshine. According to the Met Office we have more to come it is time to bring the outside in. If, like me, you work from home it can be great to be able to work outside when the weather is really nice. However often in the UK the weather can be a bit in between and change quickly. I love that feeling where you want to be outside but actually are happy inside with windows open and the smell of freshly cut grass.

So I thought I would share with you a few tips of how you can bring the outside in this spring.

  • Swap air fresheners for summer scents and move them to slightly different locations in the house. This helps you to notice the scent more which is always nice.
  • Consider some fresh flowers or house plants in as many rooms as you can. They don’t need to be expensive but can really brighten up the room.
  • Open as many windows and doors as you can whilst keeping your house secure from intruders. If you are lucky enough to be currently looking for new windows then bi-fold doors from Quickslide would be a great choice. They really let the light and fresh air in.
  • Add bright coloured accents to the room. Whether that be just a few bright cushions or a whole range of new d├ęcor the bright colours will help you feel summery even when stuck indoors.
  • Make plenty of ice cubes to give you cool refreshing drinks even if you are working inside.

Apologies in advance if me talking about nice weather has made it rain for you. I do hope we are in for a lovely summer though and there will be plenty of opportunities to work outside. Do you get to spend some working hours outside? Maybe if you don’t you have other tips to help bring the outside in? If so do comment and let me know I would love to enjoy the summer inside as well as outside.


**This is a Sponsored Post** – read what that means here.

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