Dream decorating: How I’d decorate my child’s bedroom

**This is a Collaborative post** – read what that means here.

Ben is 12 now and a bit too old really to have a bedroom decorated for him. Not in the same way as a toddler anyway and I have no intentions really of having another child any time soon. I have been dreaming a little of how I would decorate a younger child’s bedroom, a toddler boy specifically!

When Ben was young he was quite a handful with his autism and other difficulties so decorating wasn’t high in my list of priorities. I bought him bunk beds when he decided he wanted them. When he was younger he had a bed tent but I didn’t have the money for anything too flash. I still don’t in all fairness as I think they grow so quickly unless you jump in early with a room that will last you will soon regret it! So here you have my dream bedroom for a toddler boy, we shall call him Oscar because I like that name!

The Bed

For me, the priority is the bed because if a child loves their bed then they will want to sleep in it and lets face it all parents want their kids to sleep don’t they. Themed beds for kids are amazing nowadays. I would love Oscar to have a bunk bed so he can have friends to sleep over. The Julian Bowen London Bus bunk bed looks amazing. It looks a great option for a child who has been in a cot as it is still quite enclosed. The bedding choices to go with it would be good too. There are so many cool London themed duvet sets and even just a bright red basic set would be cool.

The Walls

I would choose Oscar some quite basic wallpaper or painted walls. The accessories and the furniture would be bright enough. My ideal would also be a few large pictures to break up the walls of things like Big Ben. I would also chose some wall shelves with bright book ends.

The Carpet

I would choose a very basic carpet because I would put car rugs to go on it, you know those cool ones you drive cars around. A beanbag would be cool too, probably red or blue to fit with the theme. Plenty of floor space would be important to me so that he can crawl around playing with lots of space. Obviously this dream room would be in a dream house with lots of space.

Other Furniture

I would go for drawers with bright fronts and the same with the wardrobe. Wooden and white items are lovely in adult bedrooms but for me kids rooms should be bright and fun.

How would you decorate your dream child’s bedroom? The important question too, what would you call a dream child? A child that sleeps when they are told, doesn’t make a mess, and has perfect manners all the time. Do those kids even exist?


**This is a Collaborative post** – read what that means here.

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