Driving and the law – My Pet Peeves

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Do you think the law is too harsh when it comes to driving or too soft? Two and a half years ago I got three points on my license and a fine for a red light offence. My car went through a red light that had been on 1.2 seconds. I was not impressed as I genuinely didn’t realise I had done it and thought I went through on amber! Anyway whilst I wasn’t impressed I guess these fines are there for a reason. Here though I thought I would share my pet peeves of the driving laws with you. DPP Law are currently trying to raise awareness of the legal help you can get if you find yourself on the wrong side of the law click here for more information. Though personally I think in many cases the driver deserves the consequences!

The Driving Laws in existence

I believe most of the laws are there for the right reasons and are perfectly correct. The only one I would tend to disagree with is the drink driving law. I feel the acceptable volume of alcohol in your blood should be much lower. That is just my personal opinion as I genuinely think there is no excuse for drinking and driving.

Catching those breaking the law

I am sure I am not alone in thinking that the only people who receive fines for breaking driving laws are those easy to catch. When was the last time you heard someone say they were given points or a fine for using their phone in the car? Yet every day we see people using them. Hands free kits can be so cheap and not only that but is any call really that important? It seems as it is harder for the police to monitor this though people continue to do it. I feel this is where the problem lies. The mobile vans that do the speed cameras, can they also take pictures of people using phones or is their technology merely for tracking speed? There should be some way of it being easier for the police to catch the idiots who still insist on driving whilst holding a mobile phone. Maybe some entrepreneur will come up with something?

Fines, points and convictions

Whilst it would take more manpower I think these should be linked much more to individual circumstances and finances. I was personally pleased to see that Ant McPartlin received such a heavy fine for drink driving recently. To him with his wealth I am sure that will be just as much proportionally as £1000 for someone on maybe an average family household income. What do you think, do you agree?

Have you got any pet peeves about driving laws? Mine are definitely around people using mobile phones when driving and not wearing seatbelts. Both are such simple things that really can so easily be prevented but could cause an accident or even a death.

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