Fruit Pasta Salad – tasty and refreshing

Sometimes in the summer you just want a cold meal that is refreshing and yet filling and a traditional salad doesn’t always do that does it. Have you tried a fruit pasta salad? It is more filling than just fruit and absolutely delicious. I first tried it a few years ago at a Slimming World taster session and wow it is gorgeous.

It is really straight forward and doesn’t need a recipe! Using normal dried pasta boil it as usual but in an orange squash mixture instead of plain water. Using sugar free squash slightly stronger than you would drink is ideal. When the pasta is cooked strain and leave to cool. Then mix it with whatever fruit you choose. We love it with defrosted frozen berries and a little fresh fruit as in the photo above.

It is as filling as any other pasta dish however as it is cold and with fruit it is lovely and refreshing too. It keeps well for a couple of days in the fridge but essentially is down to the fruit so depends on the age of the fruit you use and how long that keeps. I guess one way around this would be to make the pasta and then add fruit as needed on a day to day basis.

Do you have any favourite pasta dishes? Mine can all be found here in my pasta recipes section. All the others are savoury however! I have also heard of people using cous cous in a similar way. I haven’t tried that but I think I might.

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