Getting the Garden Summer Ready

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Finally the snow is gone and the summer seems to be here. Apologies in advance if me writing this post leads to more bad weather! I have got the lawnmower out for the first time, discovered we have run out of strimmer cable again and made plans for the garden. When the sun is shining the ideas flow of how the garden could be amazing. Sometimes though the finances say you have to be a bit restrained and think of the cheaper easier options! So what are we hoping to do to our garden this summer?


My first thought is that I would love to get planting more herbs again. Down the side of our house we have a raised area with some pots on which would be lovely with herbs planted in again. I am not at all green fingered so these are ideal for me as they don’t require much maintenance! Otherwise I think we will stick with grass and a few pots. Low maintenance gardens like this are ideal for a family like us with little time or motivation for gardening!


We have a lovely wooden bench which I reviewed here however our other furniture is getting a bit tired so we are looking for more. There are some lovely items on the Fishpools website. My favourite would have to be the Double up daybed. Realistically though we haven’t got storage space for that so I will have to keep dreaming! Practically I think we would be best with wooden furniture to match the bench we have. Wooden furniture would be a good choice too because it is long lasting. If we had the space though for storage and a big budget I know I would have more choice!



Our fences are due to be repainted again so that will be a big job. I have bought a fence sprayer this year which should make it easier! I am also thinking of buying or even trying to make some large wooden planters to match. I should tell you now though my DIY skills are rather limited! I would love to also use railway sleepers to make our sloped front garden stepped. Again though whether this is something I could realistically do is another matter!

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We would love some kind of canopy or wooden structure to relax in the garden for the summer too. It is hard to describe what we are thinking but essentially like a wooden platform or decking to sit on in the summer with a roof and back but not really proper sides. There is a spot in our garden that would be perfect for this. It would be a perfect place to sit in a summer evening with a citronella candle or two on to protect from the bugs and a glass of wine. Do you have anything like this? If you do please do let us see pictures as we are looking for inspiration. On the other hand if you are a skilled carpenter who would like to make us one do feel free to let me know.


What is your garden like? What plans do you have for this year to make it a perfect relaxing space? Are you like me and not very green fingered or do you love to potter in the garden?


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