Guest Post – Sticky Chicken Salad

Here I have a tasty sounding recipe from Carla who writes over at MyBump2Baby. Whilst it isn’t a syn free recipe she assures me it is totally worth the syns! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Sticky Chicken Salad

Now, this sticky chicken salad isn’t any ordinary salad – I assure you. If I had to describe this salad in 2 words it would be a “mouth-watering masterpiece”. Although the honey does hold a small syn value this recipe is perfect for anyone on Slimming World with a sweet tooth.

Ingredients (Serves two)

400g Diced Chicken

Balsamic Vinegar

Soy Sauce

Honey (7.5 syns)


Salad leaves



My Method

My Chicken Marinate Dressing Preparation

Add 3 tablespoons of Balsamic vinegar to a big glass bowl

Add 3 tablespoons of Soya Sauce to a big glass bowl

Add 3 tablespoons of honey to a big glass bowl

Add the diced chicken and for best results leave as long as possible in fridge.

My Salad Preparation

Place your chosen salad leaves on to 2 plates, add the sliced peppers, chop tomatoes and cucumber.

Toss the salad

Cook the Chicken

Add the chicken to a wok on a medium/high heat

Push round pan to ensure the chicken doesn’t stick

Should take around 5 minutes to cook

Make sure chicken is cooked through then remove from pan and pour chicken and sauce over salad.


A bit about Carla

Carla is the owner of MyBump2Baby – The UK’s fastest growing baby, toddler and family directory, being a mum boss means that she barely has time to breathe let alone cook so for her family it is really important that she makes fast, healthy and tasty meals. If you want to check out Carla’s website and social media the links are below.






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