Jen will get back to average – back to target I go!

As my regular readers and social media followers know I am struggling with my weight at the moment. It has gone up and up over the last 12 months and the Jen that was at her weight loss target and ran The Great North Run is no more. I have put a fair bit of weight back on and I am ashamed but I am determined now I am going to deal with this. I have put together a plan whilst chatting to my friend Toni on the phone today and I am going to get back to the Jen I was where I was happy with my figure and more body confident. It wont happen overnight but I think I have found a plan that will work.

When I originally lost all my weight I lost 10 stone 4lb to target in 16 months, 8 stone of that was in just 37 weeks! I know I can do it and I know that it is achievable. My life however has changed since 2014 when I first joined Slimming World. I am a very different person with different challenges and I need to accept and address that. Back then my issues were take away, biscuits and generally eating the wrong foods. Now my issues are that I mostly eat the right foods for meal times but binge big style on junk food when I am on my own. I go shopping on my own when Ben is at school and Stuart is at work, I buy all I need for the meals and then extra junk, doughnuts, cookies, flapjack and such. Then I binge on those whilst working on the laptop sometimes missing lunch because I’m too full of junk to want any. Its a vicious cycle because then I feel rubbish about myself so eat more.


My life is so much better now I am happy and that probably encourages me to eat in the same way as depression does. I have written a post about the challenges of losing weight as a couple and it is so true. If I know Stuart has eaten rubbish then I will because it doesn’t seem to matter, the reality is it does!! I have known we are going away in June for months yet I have still kept eating. Every now and then I work out a plan of how much I have to lose on average a week to get into my bikini and feel comfortable. At the rate I am going I will be saying on the plane “its ok if I lose a stone a minute I will get there!”. Its a joke myself and my friend Julie keep having but its true!

So to combat all of the binge eating issues I have now I have made a plan! Which is as follows.

I will order my food shopping online when I am full after a meal.

I will make sure the delivery comes when Stuart is home so I can not sneak food into the house.

On the odd occasion I need to pick up an item in the supermarket I will not get a basket or trolley. Using hands alone limits what you can carry!

I will always have a drink of squash handy to fill me up when I think I am hungry but am really thirsty.

I will only snack on fruit.

I will walk to the shops when I only need a few bits I have forgotten on the online shop.

I will admit to everything I eat on my Instagram good and bad and accept to be hounded if I skip meals.

I know that I am leaving it a little too late now to feel 100% comfortable on holiday but I am going to give it my best shot! I will share a weekly update of my weight loss and my meal plan for the following week every Monday. I weigh in every Saturday at Slimming World so obviously it wont be quite in sync with the meal plan but will give you an idea. So as not to clog up my website however and so its a bit more straight forward I will share this in my weekly email instead. It currently comes out every Sunday evening but I was looking to change that to a Monday evening anyway!

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