5 Tips to liven up your coffee

I love a good cup of coffee but sometimes you just get that feeling you want to liven it up a little don’t you? Trying to avoid the cost of the coffee shops is possible though and you can still have a nice cuppa without spending a fortune. I have some hints and tips here of much cheaper ways to do yummy coffee at home that don’t even involve a coffee machine. Though obviously coffee machines often have pods with tasty flavours too.


  • Freeze coffee in ice cube bags/trays and make a nice iced coffee.
  • Add syrups to make a flavoured coffee which can be so yummy. These Skinny Syrups pictured above I love as they are zero calorie and essentially made with sweeteners. They probably aren’t for everyone and I imagine if you had lots they wouldn’t be good for you but I think for a treat it is lovely.
  • Add Baileys or another liqueur to make your own liqueur coffee for a fraction of the prices elsewhere. You can sneak extra in too if you make your own!
  • If you like a frothy top to your coffee then these whipped foam toppings are good. I have found them to melt into the coffee quite quickly but they still look great and it adds some flavour.
  • Make your coffee in a nice mug or even a latte glass. It makes all the difference to your drink if you feel like you are having a luxury relaxing cuppa.

These aren’t of course a replacement for going out for a nice coffee but they may save you a bit of money in the long run. When you feel a bit down and fancy a nice warm drink they are great. I often do when I get depressed (I write about my depression sometimes) there is nothing nicer than feeling like you have a luxury cuppa! Many of these mean you can have a lower calorie or lower syn coffee too. That has to help doesn’t it!

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