Making our beds more cosy for a good night sleep

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This week I have spent some time trying to make our beds more cosy and generally refreshing them a little. Every now and then I feel it is important to have a think about your bed and making it feel nicer and look better. In our house this was what I decided needed doing as part of the spring clean! Now we finally have spring that is!

I have ordered us some new duvet covers first because I think that a room can really be changed with a nice fresh new look of a different duvet cover. Ben will be excited as I haven’t told him yet but I have ordered him a WWE wrestling one! He has a double bed so the choice is a little limited for fun bedding but this is one he will love. We have got another duck egg blue and flowery design that I love. My favourite colours are teal and duck egg blue so I cant wait to change the cover over when it arrives.

I have been looking at new mattresses and found some great value good quality mattresses on Groupon which I was impressed with so may be ordering those soon too. At the moment though it isn’t high priority as ours are not too old so that may be something for next spring.

I have bought some lovely new fluffy duvets. Ben is very impressed with his saying it feels like a hotel one. I am not sure it does but I guess in comparison to the old one it is much fluffier. Ben has a whole selection of cushions and pillows on his bed so he really likes to feel like a king!

We got new pillows too, the ones that are supposed to stay bouncy and full. Time will tell on that one but wow the different is amazing. You don’t realise sometimes until you get new how old your others were do you!

Are you also having a bit of a spring clean and refreshing things? Did you read my post about kitchen decluttering tips that may help you? Or my bathroom cleaning hacks post?


**This is a sponsored post** – you can read what this means here.

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