Me at 80, my hopes and dreams

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Whilst many people dream about the next few years and what they hope for I am sharing with you my hopes for when I am 80. Of course providing I live that long! I have shared with you previously a bit about my Grandma and how amazing she is. I have recently visited her and she will be 88 in a couple of weeks. I really do admire her and have always been quite close to her. Visiting her got me thinking about my hopes for when I am that kind of age.

My Grandma has a large family with 7 children herself and most of those having children, some of whom like myself have their own children too! As such compared to some elderly people she does get visits reasonably often. No one lives that close to her though so they are still limited. The picture above is Ben testing out her stair lift!

Family and Friends

Whilst I don’t expect to have a family as big as my Grandma does I do hope I still see my family as often as possible. I also hope that I get on well with neighbours and never feel lonely. I would hate to imagine going days without seeing anyone.


I really hope I can stay in my own home and if needed have carers coming in. My Grandma has this and they are such lovely caring people. I hope those close to me help me to find suitable carers so I have regular ones rather than different every time as I think that’s quite important.


I really hope that I am able to walk about the house and go out whenever I want to. If I do struggle though I would love to think that I could get a good mobility scooter, stair lift, rise and recline chairs and all that kind of thing from somewhere like Pro Rider Mobility. Whilst obviously I really hope I never need any of these things its great to see there is such a choice if it does become necessary. Also I am only 37 at the moment so I am sure more will be available by then too. Of course ideally I would love someone to invent something truly amazing in the way of keeping people mobile, how cool would some kind of bionic body suit be?

Life and Love

I hope I am still happy and with Stuart who is older than me so he will be I am sure needing more help by then than I do. I hope to be able to stay together and not need to have care in separate locations. I would love to still be able to do whatever makes me happy whether that is still blogging or something else entirely and that my care team will ensure I am always as independent as possible. I just cant imagine life stuck with no one visiting me and not having support to enjoy my life. I think despite her struggles my Grandma is still genuinely happy and I hope to be that way too. My Grandma really is my inspiration she is amazing.

How do you imagine your life at 80? Do you have similar hopes and dreams?

**This is a Collaborative Post** – Read what that means here.


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