Pre-teens – A grown up bedroom

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As children get older then start to feel like they need a grown up bedroom don’t they with less cartoon characters and more grown up themes. They get taller, and tiny chairs and little beanbags just don’t work for them anymore, so here are some tips for you of how to make your child’s bedroom a bit more grown up without breaking the bank!

A bigger bed – If like Ben they are soon going to be six footers, then maybe a single bed is a bit small for them and you think about a larger bed? What about a small double divan bed for a comfortable sleep. This way they have extra storage and not quite as big as a standard double but plenty of space to help their growing bodies relax! Ben has a double duvet and feels like an adult in his bed. There are lots of great sets available if you have a child who wants something still a bit young like Ben’s below (Thanks Ben for the picture!)

A gaming chair or a large comfy chair can go a long way – we got Ben an inflatable chair on Amazon that is perfect for lying and gaming without the huge costs of some of the gaming chairs about! There are so many options – just try searching a multitude of things like inflatable sofa etc and you will find allsorts that are perfect.

Using posters on a neutral wall can help to bring the room up to their interests without having to constantly replace wallpaper when they suddenly decide they no longer want a “goth” look for example! They may love football now but if it is not guaranteed to last, changing posters is easier than changing wallpaper!

Replace the ‘Ben’s Room’ sign on the door with a cool sign about gaming or similar. There is nothing like something simple like that to make them love their “new room”! Ben has one that says Gamer at work do not disturb or something like that!

A space for their self care items. A girl is likely to need more make up space or space for straighteners etc and a boy may just need a can of deodorant and a comb, but if they have space for it there is more chance they will use it and not be a smelly teenager! Thinking of where they can keep these things can make all the difference!

So, how would you make a bedroom grow with a pre-teen until they leave home? What are your tips? Do you like the idea of a small double bed to give them a bit more space?

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