Preparing for our holiday with Simply Scuba

As usual we are really excited for our holiday this year. We are going back to Mallorca and the same hotel as we stayed at last year (after we were upgraded!). It is just a couple of minutes walk from a beautiful beach. The guys over at Simply Scuba have sent us some Snorkelling kits to try out when we go. Though with the weather here at the moment it is looking like it will soon be wet enough for them here!

As I have shared with you before I cant swim. I am improving at my ability to float though. I am determined to give it a go enough to try out the kits! Either way there are four of us on holiday this time, myself, Stuart, Ben and my best friend Julie. All of the others can swim and will love them!

Where are we going?

We are staying in Santa Ponca in Mallorca where the beach is beautiful as you can see below. Last year I got a bit closer to some of the fish than I intended when I fell off a slippery rock into the sea!

What are the Snorkelling kits?

We have been lucky enough to be sent three kits from their amazing snorkelling collection. Each include a mask, a snorkel and a set of fins. This is all you need, alongside the ability to swim, and the sea to be able to go snorkelling. Snorkelling is such a great way to see the fish and creatures under the sea.

When they arrived I guess it hadn’t even occurred to me that it would be a huge box but it was! The kits were all in their separate bags so great for the long term and transporting them. Arrived safely and to some very excited people! We were about to go out but couldn’t resist opening the box to have a look, so much so we were nearly late! Whilst we have tried them on I am going to save the pictures of us in all the gear until were on the beach in Mallorca. We have more suitable beach bodies to go with them then too!

What are we hoping to see with the kits?

A couple of years ago on holiday we saw an octopus, we were pretty close to it though not in the sea at the time. I guess the perfect thing to see would be an octopus but really anything would be exciting. Ben says he would love to see a shark but not too close up! Personally though I am hoping there are no sharks anywhere near!

Our plans before the holiday

We are hoping to go swimming to the local leisure centre a few times before the holiday. I can work a bit more on not being so scared of drowning and my floating abilities – I’m not sure I will be able to actually swim by June but we will see! The main reason though is so Ben can try out his snorkelling kit before we go and see how he gets on with it. He sometimes finds new things stressful due to his autism so this gives him a bit of preparation. It also means we can adjust the sizes for him perfectly before being on the beach and him desperate to go in the water! Then obviously its just packing them in the cases! I am so excited, more to watch Ben enjoy himself with them than to try them out myself. Maybe with a bit more time in the local pool and I will be more confident!

I cant wait to share with you all the pictures of how we got on with these over the holiday so watch this space! Why don’t you pop over and check out the prices and what they have available. Have a look at the Simply Scuba website and check out the Snorkelling section.

Please note that we were sent these to try out from Simply Scuba. All views above are my own and I will always be honest even when provided with items from companies.

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