Time to pamper yourself? 5 Easy Ways to fit it in!

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Sometimes we are too busy to do anything more than look after ourselves and really don’t find time to have that extra bit of a pamper. I am determined though that it will help me mentally to feel better about myself if I take a bit more time out to pamper myself every day so I have a few ideas of how I can fit it in and thought I would share them with you.

Pampering yourself doesn’t have to be a day at the spa or spending all afternoon in a dressing gown painting your nails with a face mask on, it can be lots of little things that add up to help you feel a little better about yourself so easily. Here are my 5 tips of how you can fit in a tiny bit of time without even realising it to help you feel better about yourself with a bit of a pamper!


I can’t rate perfume highly enough. When you smell good you feel good I think. Always wearing perfume may seem a little extravagant if you usually just make do with body spray and save perfume for nights out but it makes all the difference. There are lots of offers usually on so I am sure you will find one you love and it will really make you feel pampered whenever you smell it throughout the day!


Put Hand cream next to the kitchen and bathroom sinks

After washing your hands or washing the pots rubbing a little hand cream in can really make you feel lots better and doesn’t take long at all! Think how many times a day you are washing your hands and how nice it feels when you rub a little cream in, a minute at the most is all that would add each time isn’t it.



Put moisturiser on before bed

The few minutes before you get into bed I am sure you can spare a minute to add a little drop of cream to your hands and rub into your face. It always makes me feel nice going to sleep with some night cream or moisturiser on and could relax you nicely and make you go to sleep with a smile all for the 30 seconds of effort it takes. I am loving the look of the Neom range.


Soft feet

I love the feeling of soft feet. Why wait until the summer to start with intensive moisturisers to make your feet sandal worthy, make it a habit all year and the feeling lasts all day. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. You will be pleased you do it when there is a sudden hot day and you want to wear sandals! I know in the UK that is rare but you never know!


Lip Balm

I love the feeling of my lips when they have lip balm on whether it be an expensive brand or just cheap Vaseline it makes me feel good. Make sure you have a lip balm handy wherever you are and make it your routine a few times a day to apply it.


What makes you feel good that could be done in a few minutes at most?

**Collaborative post” – read what that means here.

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