10 Tips for the perfect garden party

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The summer is here and with the royal wedding, the world cup and hopefully good weather aplenty I thought I would share some tips for a perfect garden party. You don’t have to spend a fortune but with a bit of forward thinking you can make it amazing.

If children will be there bear this in mind for other decisions also. Look at your seating options, cost of feeding them all and practicality of feeding them all. Make sure you have suitable seating for everyone otherwise if it is not it really is no fun. Think about who gets on well with who and the people who would be fun at the party.


  • Make sure the food is filling but also easy and will not dry out! No one wants to stand and make piles of sandwiches that dry out so no one will eat them anyway! Consider a BBQ or big bowls of salads and pastas rather than fiddly little things.

  • Use disposable plates! Who wants to have a party and then be washing up piles of plates? I certainly don’t! The ones I used for a recent BBQ and pictured in this piece are the Garden Party range from Personalised Parties. The set is personalised and includes all the essentials but cutlery and serving dishes/plates.

  • If you have young children given them a little pack of their own food so the adults can have whatever food they like! This way you always know how much the child has eaten and don’t have the worry of what they will and wont like of what you are offering. The Party boxes in the pack above would be ideal for that or alternatively just a Tupperware box.

  • Blankets – have plenty of them just in case the floor is damp or anyone gets chilly. They don’t have to be “proper” picnic blankets, anything will do as a handy addition.

  • Have a back up plan in case it rains. I know we hope it wont but there is always a chance. We do BBQ’s on Teppanyaki grills sometimes rather than a BBQ which means they can be used inside as well as outside! These are the ones we have (https://amzn.to/2rHsjqL)*

  • Make a point of inviting people and finding out if they are coming. Don’t say “Pop in if you can” because otherwise you may do lots of food for very few people. Be sure of your numbers before you start to do the food and ideally before you even buy it.

  • Entertainment – Do you need to think about it? If there are children then maybe have a few things they can play with or ask parents to bring outdoor games they may have. Do you have a cd player or speakers you can bring outside to play music from for everyone? Don’t upset the neighbours though!

  • Safety – Don’t poison everyone! Get a food thermometer and be sure your meat is cooked throughout if doing a BBQ. The party should be memorable for all the right reasons! Plan the BBQ area in a way that young children and pets can be easily kept away from the cooking areas.


  • Drinks – Do you need to buy them all or could you ask people to bring some with them? This can dramatically reduce the cost whilst also meaning you do not end up with left overs of things no one in your house drinks. People often bring some anyway so why not make a point in asking them to?

  • Chose the date well. With the world cup season and various other events happening all summer plan well and be sure to either avoid the other events or build them in somehow!

Whatever you do for your garden party remember that it should be fun for everyone including you. Don’t make yourself too much hard work, accept help and have a great time.

**This is a sponsored post** – read what that means here.


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