15 Things to do when the scales show a gain

We have all been there, that sinking feeling when the scales say you have gained this week. The disappointment, the anger, the tears and the annoyance. All feelings that we can often feel because the scales say we have gained a little bit of weight. Here I share with you 15 things to do when the scales show a gain so that you don’t give up on your weight loss goals.

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  • Don’t blame the scales! They are only telling you what you weigh it isn’t their fault!

  • Think – have you got food amnesia? Did you forget that you had takeaway or a meal out in your “perfect week”?

  • Don’t eat something you will regret to make you feel better. It will make you feel worse in the long run. There are things you can do instead of comfort eating – here is a list of 101.

  • Stay to group – If you follow Slimming World don’t run away, stay to group where you will get more motivation and be less tempted to give up.

  • Look at it in perspective. If you have gained half a pound is it really a big deal – after all its only a big poo!

  • Plan for the week ahead. If you plan your meals you can be sure to stick to plan

  • Think about the items on your plates. Do you really have enough vegetables on there? Are you thinking some are speed foods (Slimming World) when they aren’t? Double check!

  • Look at portion size. Eat until you are full not until your plate is empty.

  • Draw a line and work forwards. Don’t dwell on it because you can’t change it but dwelling on it wont help you to feel better about yourself.

  • Be proud of how far you have come and the positive changes you have made rather than negative about the gain.

  • If you feel down about your gain speak to someone who knows how it feels. As much as your “always been skinny friend” is supportive they wont necessarily know the struggles of dieting like another friend may.

  • Write down or photograph everything you eat. If you are going a little off track without realising this may help you spot where. Maybe you eat off the kids plates and just forget how often you do it? It isn’t easy dieting with kids around but if you need some tips check out this post.

  • Relax. Try not to take it too seriously and be you. Stress will not help you to lose weight in the long term and it really isn’t necessary.

  • Remember it is just a bump in the road it doesn’t have to mean you wont meet your final destination. If you got stuck at a red traffic light on the way to the airport you wouldn’t cancel your holiday!


I have had so many gains as well as losses in my ongoing weight loss journey. It can be so disheartening I know especially if it is your first gain but it doesn’t have to be. Be proud that you are trying and keep going.


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