15 Tips for Hiding Vegetables (Especially Slimming World Speed Vegetables!)

If you follow Slimming World but don’t enjoy many speed foods (the SW term for most vegetables) then this is the post for you! Alternatively do you have children who avoid anything green and healthy? You really can eat a healthy meal without having to have a plate of obvious vegetables. Here are some tips how!

Blending is your friend

Blend vegetables in with tomatoes to make a base for a pasta sauce, curry etc. Easy vegetables to blend in discretely are onions, mushrooms and butternut squash but try anything you like and see how it turns out. Beware of strong colours or flavours though or you might get caught out!

Make a smoothie with all the flavours but some added vegetables too. This wont always be syn free if you are on Slimming World but if you have a fussy child it may be perfect or if you want to syn the necessary ingredients and have something different then go for it. This recipe from a blogging friend Nicky sounds great!


Chop them finely or even grate.

It is amazing how much you can squeeze into a recipe without it really changing the texture or taste if you chop vegetables finely. I use a mini chopper for this sometimes like this one.

Mushrooms and onions chop finely really well and are less noticeable in texture but still give something like pasta sauce a great flavour.


Make it homemade

If there is something you would usually buy that you love or a fussy child loves how about trying to make it homemade. Something like a ham and mushroom pizza can have very few mushrooms on a shop bought one but making it homemade you can gradually discretely increase the number of mushrooms!

Making things like carbonara is so much better when you make it yourself and because it is full of more flavour you wont notice that you have lots of onions and mushrooms in there.

How about making a homemade tomato dip instead of ketchup? Or a BBQ dip perhaps? There are so many dips that can have some extra veggies sneaked in but still be really yummy. They often will have less sugars in if homemade too so even more healthy.

Homemade gravy can be full of onions but made with stock and blended well you will love it and be getting lots of vegetables too. This is the recipe I use and I am sure you will love it.


Up the Favourites

Whilst it is ideal to have a huge variety of vegetables the priority is to get plenty into your diet and if that is one or two favourites then it is better than none. If you follow Slimming World then remember tomatoes are a speed food and really easy to add to a dish. Do you dislike texture if so maybe try passata which is smooth and tasty with some herbs or garlic in if you prefer.

If you have a fussy child who will only eat carrots then there is no immense harm in this, just add a little of something else with them every time and praise them for trying it. There will be a time when you find something else they do like but with only a little to try each time you are not putting too much pressure on.


Change the flavours

The way you cook vegetables can change the flavours immensely. Try roasting them instead of boiling them or frying them in a little Frylight. The taste can change so much and you may find that something you hate boiled is really nice roasted.

Adding herbs or spices can change things so much too. I hate kale boiled and would really avoid it but baked or fried with garlic it is lovely – recipe here. Experiment with spices like paprika and garlic sprinkled over vegetables to see if you find something you like.

Do you love sweet and sour? This could be a perfect way of getting lots of vegetables into your diet in a meal you love! It doesn’t have to be unhealthy from the takeaway you can make it really easily using my recipe here.

Try it raw

Have you thought of raw vegetables instead of always cooking them? Raw pepper or carrot sticks are great for a snack and you could enjoy a nice dip with them too? If you enjoy something like this as a snack whilst watching tv you will soon munch your way through your recommended daily amount without even noticing in the same way you enjoy chocolate!


Mash it or Chip it

Do you love mashed potatoes but hate vegetables? Add a few carrots or some swede in when you make your mash and you probably wont even notice the difference! The bags of cubed swede and carrot are so easy for this!

Chips don’t have to be made with potatoes, try swede chips, butternut squash chips and parsnip chips for a change and see what you like!



Rice it

Have you tried cauliflower rice? It doesn’t have to be boring and with flavours can be amazing. The cauliflower pilau rice I make is lovely!

Know your Speed

If you follow Slimming World be sure to know which vegetables and fruit are speed and which aren’t. This infographic should help you to know which is which and keep you on track.

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