5 Travel Essentials for a Pre-Teen

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Ben may be 12 but when we first took him to Majorca back in 2015 he was 9. I thought I would share with you our top 5 items for travelling with a boy of his age. I am not sure if girls are any different seeing as I don’t have one! They are at an awkward age where they in some ways are still children but equally want to be treated as adults! We have found these things winners with Ben.

Firstly I think if hand luggage allowances allow then giving them their own bag helps give them responsibility and something less for you to carry.

Top Trumps Cards

These are also great for on the beach and waiting around at the airport. They don’t take up much space and are more fun to play with them than eye spy etc! We have loads of sets of them and you can find a massive variety here on Amazon*. They are only cheap too so a win win really!

Tablet or Phone

Download some films or programmes for them from places like BBC iPlayer to watch on the journey. Remember that on planes you cant use wifi so download plenty. Games too, experiment with which ones work without wifi.


If you don’t want to hear the latest favourite game or music then these are an absolute essential. Good quality headphones too so that they don’t break too easily. Beats headphones are popular or ask for recommendations from someone in the know! I am a bit clueless really but know that cheap ones always break and I regret not spending more.


Great for flying to stop the ears popping as you take off. Also of course sweets are great just to keep kids quiet! Low sugar ones of course if you are giving them many. In my opinion if you value your sanity just make sure they have their own and don’t have to share, no one wants a grumpy child when you are trapped together for hours!

A New Book or magazine

If its new it provides at least some entertainment for them which doesn’t need to involve electronics or your input. It means you can have a snooze or read your own book! If you chose wisely it might last the whole holiday! I would definitely suggest the David Walliams books* if your child hasn’t read them yet they are amazing.


**This is a Sponsored Post** – Read what that means here.

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