6 Easy ways to get pre-schoolers moving

Some children naturally love to run around and keep physically active. Others need a little more encouragement and would rather sit and play with something for hours. If you want to find ways to keep your little one moving then here are some ideas that may help you. I really believe that children who enjoy exercise and activity from a young age will be less likely to be couch potatoes as teenagers and more likely to then get out from under your hair so sarting early is win win!

Helping with the cleaning

I am not suggesting you get 2/3 year olds doing a long list of jobs but helping with easy jobs and running errands in the house can help keep them busy and active. This also has advantages as they get older and see helping you and doing jobs as normal family life. A pre-schooler can easily help hang washing out, sweep the floor, load the washing machine and I am sure many more little tasks I haven’t thought of.

Nature Walk

Sometimes children need a reason to be going for a walk so spotting bugs or collecting flowers along the way may be the perfect distraction to encourage them for a lovely little summer walk. You could always buy a flower press* and help them make a card with their flowers on too. This is great for children who would rather be playing at home as there is still a great activity to be had after the walk.

Den Building

What better a thing to do with a little one than to get out blankets, chairs and sheets and make a den with them. They can move and carry cushions for inside and they will totally love it. When it is built too they can enjoy sitting and playing inside giving you a few minutes peace!

Puddle Jumping

Who says that bad weather has to keep you indoors. It is the perfect excuse to get the wellies and waterproofs on and go splashing. Little ones love nothing more than splashing and jumping around in puddles. Personally I think the giggle from them when water splashes up is worth every minute. Just remember your wellies and waterproofs too.


Dance together

Put some of your favourite tunes on and encourage your little one to dance around the room with you. It doesn’t matter whether you listen to a bit of pop or some hard rock as long as you are having fun and moving together it is great. This can also do wonders for the child’s confidence to express themselves.

Go to the Park

Time flies when you are having fun and running around playing at the park burns so much energy without realising it. The fresh air is nice too it can get so boring being holed up at home with kids cant it. I think it is always good for parents too to get chatting to other parents, or maybe I’m the one people avoid for starting random conversations!

There are so many other ways you could keep the young ones moving this is just a few ideas to get you thinking! I used to love taking Ben to the park, he loved being pushed on the swings and would have stayed there all day if I let him! He is a bit old to be interested in it now at 12 but sometimes enjoys a little trip to the park still which is nice.

What is your favourite activity to get pre-schoolers moving around?

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  1. May 18, 2018 / 7:07 am

    So many good ideas Jen. My two preschoolers are bonkers and rarely sit still, but I’m definitwly going to try a couple of these out!!

  2. May 18, 2018 / 7:12 am

    What a brilliant post with some lovely ideas! I will be sure to be implementing these with my 4 year old…. and my 8 year old come to think of it lol.

    We love dancing together, and she loves helping me with the dishwasher… even if my ocd has to rearrange everything she puts in lmao!

    Jemma x

  3. May 18, 2018 / 7:17 am

    Great ideas. My two boys love puddle jumping!

  4. May 18, 2018 / 7:23 am

    Some really fab ideas here Jen – it hadn’t occurred to me that kids doing chores was a good way to keep them healthy!

  5. May 18, 2018 / 8:25 am

    Puddle jumping is our favourite! I bought my three a rain suit each and even where there are no puddles, we just fill the tuff spot and jump in that!

    Great post Jen! X

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