BlogOnX – My first Blogging Conference

I thought I would share with you guys what I was up to last weekend. I know some of my readers have considered blogging themselves or are already bloggers so this may be of particular interest to you guys. In some people’s opinions blogging is a really easy job where I just get free stuff and write about it. I would love to tell you that is the case but there is a whole lot more to it than that. This weekend however was a great event involving free stuff and making lots of contacts. Held at Hotel Football which overlooks the Old Trafford Football Stadium in Manchester it was a great location and only about a 1 hour 40 minutes drive from us.

What is BlogOnX?

It is a blogging conference held in Manchester where there are seminars/talks from a variety of speakers of how to build you blog in certain ways. For example there was one about editing videos, one about making more money etc. As bloggers we are self employed and need to really sell ourselves to get the work we want sometimes. If you think of a blog as like an online magazine, if you don’t have enough readers then companies wont want to have their products featured in it. Equally if you don’t write good content then no one will want to read it. It really is quite a skill at times and not as easy as it looks.



Why go to BlogOnX?


Working for yourself is also quite lonely at times. No colleagues to chat about the weekend to and just you and a screen most of the day. I love it though I really do and to say I wanted to be a journalist when I was younger I feel like this is really what I have achieved. Bloggers I guess are like a form of journalists. I have lots of blogger friends online, we share ideas, contacts and recommend each other for jobs not suited to ourselves. It is a lovely community. BlogOnX meant that I could meet some of these friends in person.



Who is there?

At the event there are also many brands in attendance who you can chat to about working with them. It is great but equally hard work because there are 200 bloggers there and you want to shine and be memorable. I feel I am quite good at selling myself and my blog and I have so much passion for Just Average Jen it’s unreal. I just really hope that passion came across and the contacts I made want to work with me.



What do you get out of it?

If you are a blogger you will have heard of the amazing goodie bags you leave with after BlogOn conferences. There are also samples available from brands who are there to meet, items offered for reviews and contacts to be made. Whilst I absolutely loved the goodie bag and samples the main thing I feel I have left with is some great contacts I really hope to work with in the coming months. I also thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with some of the lovely bloggers I have chatted to for months or years in some cases.



Should you go?

Yes I totally recommend you go. The ticket cost was £52 and the cost of hotel, petrol and such all adds up too but I was very impressed by it. Some would probably say the cost of the ticket covers the samples but actually the samples were worth over £200 in total! To me though the real value isn’t in items it is in the contacts and friends made. If you go be sure to take a large suitcase as advised though for all the goodies and some extra money for the raffle and tombola etc. I won Ben the gorgeous Porg below in a guess the Porg’s name game. Incidentally his name was Henry. I had chosen Henry as it was my dads middle name and as you know he died recently. Ben absolutely loves him.


Where do I find out about Blogging and BlogOn conferences?

There are two a year, May and September. All the details are on their website here. If you are thinking about starting a blog then a post I wrote a while ago may help you, Starting a blog, how easy is it? If anyone would like me to write more around this do let me know.



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