Guest Post: Gaming with Autism 10 top tips

Here I have a guest post from my son Ben who as you may already know has autism. Ben is a keen gamer with his own Xbox one and Xbox 360 and wants to share with you how you can choose games for people with autism from his perspective. Ben also loves to play games on his iPhone and iPad so will talk a little about those too.

Hi, I am Ben, I am 12 and I love gaming. Since I started gaming I have found that some games I don’t like and I think that is because of my autism. My autism affects my emotions and I find losing difficult. Games with a time limit are also quite tricky. I don’t like it when games make me angry because sometime I get into trouble. If you are looking to buy games for a boy like me then here are my top tips.

  • Games in the first person are best because you get a better look at the opposition and it is not confusing.
  • Games with an optional online mode are best because they don’t force you to go online and play with strangers but you can play with your friends if you like.
  • Watch a video on YouTube eg. Stampy for Minecraft so you can see if you like the game before you spend money on it.
  • If you get stuck on a game don’t stress just search on YouTube for a walkthrough for the part you are stuck on.
  • Look for games that you can play even after you have completed them.
  • On games where you are playing against the computer try and find settings to make the opponent easier or look for cheats (I do that all the time). This is great for practising until you are good.
  • The Lego games are good because they don’t force you into the main story you can play at your own speed.
  • Avoid games with microtransactions. These are optional game purchases that pester you to buy them eg. Minecraft Story mode where you have to pay each time to unlock a new chapter.
  • Fighting games eg Mortal Kombat or wrestling games encourage you to want to go outside and hurt people so you might like to avoid these until your parent or guardian thinks you are allowed it.
  • Sit a good distance away from the TV so you don’t hurt your eyes. Also so you don’t get mad and throw your controller at the TV and break it! They are a lot of money, I have learnt by experience.

What games would you recommend for a child who is just starting gaming?

Minecraft and any of the Lego games.

Are there any games you wouldn’t recommend?

There is nothing specific but any games with hard intro’s or tutorials are best to avoid until you are an experienced gamer.

Which apps do you enjoy that you would like to recommend to others?

Helix Jump, it is a bit of a frustrating game but it is very addictive when you get used to it.

Solitaire, it is good for passing the time and helps develop your numbers which would be good if you want to play in a casino when you are older.

Any of the Idle games, they are good to pass the time and you build up in game money even when you are not online.

Are there any apps that you think are rubbish and someone like you wouldn’t enjoy?

Flippy Bottle Extreme, because it is too hard and I get annoyed with it.

Anything else you would like to add Ben?

My favourite game is Far Cry 5. Even though it forces you into the story it is amazing and it tells you the story along the way. It tells you the story of the different leaders in charge of the area. Fun fact – they had to postpone releasing it one month because it wasn’t ready.

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