Our Family Travel Bucket List

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We love going on holiday but of course with money and work/school commitments it isn’t always easy. We have talked about the idea of moving abroad in the future but until that ever becomes possible really the only option is holidays. I’m not great with flying as I don’t like knowing and thinking how high I am but I cope with it and try to ignore those things. Ben loves flying but hasn’t done anything longer than a few hours to Mallorca so we plan to build him up gradually over time and see how he copes with longer flights.

Where would we love to go? Well today I have been having a bit of a dream about where I would love us to go as a family. I do love sitting and dreaming, of course then a big bump back to reality!

Australia and New Zealand

I would love to visit both Australia and New Zealand they just sound amazing. I have a friend I used to write to and now keep in touch with on Facebook who lives in New Zealand. I have never met Shannon and her lovely family but the idea of being able to going to visit her would be great.

A Cruise

I would absolutely love to go on a cruise they sound amazing. There is one slight issue that I get terrible seasickness but I would have to work around that somehow! A friend of mine Becci is always off on cruises and making me jealous! There look to be some lovely ones on Bolsover Cruises my favourite would have to be the Caribbean ones.




I would absolutely love to visit Japan it just looks so amazing. It is one place I have always imagined would be so fascinating to visit. The culture seems so different in some ways from ours and that really intrigues me. Whilst I was over that sort of way I would love to go to Korea and visit my cousin who works there teaching English as a foreign language.



The Pyramids, say no more, I just would absolutely love to go and see the pyramids!


An Ice Hotel

I would totally love to stay in an ice hotel it just sounds absolutely amazing for an experience. Only for one night though! Can you imagine how fun that would be? I’m not sure how keen on the idea Ben would be though he isn’t a fan of being cold and doesn’t even really like playing for long in the snow!


What are you dream holiday ideas?


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