Stopping Snoring for Everyone’s sake

Did you know it was recently National Stop Snoring week? Whilst it is a great idea the reality is that if you live with someone who snores you want them to stop now whether it is stop snoring week or not! I have to confess I am sometimes a snorer. It seems to depend on a number of factors including my weight at the time, how controlled my asthma is, if I have a cold or hay-fever and perhaps other things I am not sure. When I snore I know I drive Stuart up the wall so always want to stop it. Without knowing when I will snore though it is harder. When I was younger I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea but I am not sure that is the case anymore though maybe I should look into it.

I was recently send this lovely little snoring hamper from Breathe Right*. It really made me think that the first step to knowing how to stop me snoring and know if something is effective is to keep a diary. I know a few years ago I had some success with the Breathe Right Nasal Strips. I am keen to use them again but when I know they have worked rather than on days I may not have snored anyway so a diary is the first step I think. I will keep you updated!



Do you snore and need some tips?

The NHS say that if you smoke, drink a lot of alcohol or are overweight you are more likely to snore. These are obviously aspects of your life you can work on and see if this helps. It wont be an overnight fix but it may be something to consider.

Another point the NHS raise is that sleeping on your back is more likely to cause snoring. Trying to change your way of sleeping isn’t easy but maybe worth considering? You could think about taping something to the back of your pyjamas so you cant get comfy on your back but I think this seems rather extreme personally. There are pillows that can encourage this too if you think that will help.

Breathing through your nose is easier if your nose isn’t blocked so if you have a cold decongestants can sometimes help. If your nose isn’t blocked through a cold then this is where nasal strips like Breathe Right can be the perfect solution. They are small sticky strips that go on your nose so much less intrusive than other solutions which makes them a first port of call in my book.

If none of these work it may be time to see the doctor for advice and a check up. There are other things they can do to help so don’t give up.

If your Partner Snores…

The first thing to suggest would be that you talk about the issues and together try some of the ideas above. Most importantly though is to also think of yourself and invest in earplugs! Apparently it is a very common issue so don’t feel alone. It isn’t recommended to suffocate a snorer either however much they annoy you,. Find a solution it could save your sanity!


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