The 9 unexpected and funny lessons blogging has taught me

Since I started blogging two and a half years ago I have learnt a lot. I thought I would share with you some of the more unexpected things I have learnt and give you a giggle. There are not many jobs you will learn these things in I can assure you!

  • There are actually people out there looking for reviewers for sex toys. I guess this makes perfect sense but it just wouldn’t have occurred to me before I got into blogging.
  • How changing a few little bits in the coding of your website can actually totally f&%! it up!
  • The use of a few filters can easily make it look like you have great photography skills and it was a brighter day than it was.
  • Wallpaper samples can actually make people think you have amazing flooring.
  • That staring at other women’s boobs is ok and expected when meeting other bloggers – At the recent BlogOn conference I went to everyone wore name badges and the only way of remembering most people was a look at their badge ie at their boob!
  • That I am actually more confident than I thought I was in selling myself and essentially selling my brand as such with getting my blog out there.
  • How much hard work it can be writing about something that others see as “free stuff”. It can be so hard to write about some things and get the wording just right. The hardest thing I have found to write about so far was probably a bouquet of flowers which weren’t as good as I had hoped (read here if you wish). I am always honest in the good and the bad though of everything!
  • I never realise how much I would love what I do and how many friends I would make whilst actually being rather antisocial most days and working from home on my own!
  • I would never have imagined spending my day taking photos of an item in the garden on my own at a different angle to one I took the day before just because it is sunnier. Today I have been taking photos to add to this post from yesterdays BBQ as its sunnier and I wanted better photos than the ones I had!


Do you love your job? What do you do? I would love to know more about my readers so do comment and share with me. It always seems strange not knowing who reads and what they are like!


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