Top Garden Storage Tips for a Neat and Tidy Garden

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It is that time of year when we start getting things out of the shed and discovering it is all piled up and it seems as though someone has moved everything we are sure we put away properly. A little like when we get the Christmas decorations out! So what are the best ways to store things in the garden?

Keeping your garden in good order with things safely stored away when not in use gives it a homely, comfortable feel and also makes it more comfortable and stylish. But what garden storage tips are there for quick, easy and accessible storing of garden items?

Struggling to keep your garden neat and tidy? Not enough storage is just as bad as having none at all or, worst still, having the wrong kind of storage. You can’t squeeze a square peg into a round hole and so here are a few ideas to finally solving the storage conundrum that so many of us suffer from in the garden.

Choose garden furniture that fits neatly together

Garden furniture is something we tend to leave out in the summer months and why not? Always ready for use, garden furniture is meant to be accessible.

The problem comes with summer showers and winter weather. Leaving garden furniture to weather the elements is not a great look but when you don’t have anywhere to store it, you may feel storage options are limited.

There are solutions and one is to invest in cubed garden furniture that neatly slots together and can be protected with a waterproof colour. Rattan is a great lightweight robust material for garden furniture and the matching rattan garden furniture sets are well within budget.

Choose versatile pieces

As well as gardening sets that neatly slot together, you may also want to consider the versatility of a piece.

You may have seen them but the garden bench with under-seat storage is simply fantastic for the busy family garden. As well as being a great seat, it is also perfect for storing away garden toys at the end of a busy play day in the garden.

Better still it can be moved around the garden to where it is needed most. At the lower end of the price scale, there are plastic garden benches, the majority of which are fairly sturdy with hardwood garden benches with storage being at the other end of the price scale.


Just like you do in the interior of your home, spend some time every now and then de-cluttering in the garden.

It is amazing the stuff that you accumulate over the months from the wall accessories that have long fallen down to the multitude of pots and troughs that were once full of bright blooms.

Give away or recycle pots to family, friends and neighbours and start to enjoy a little more space in the garden.

Gather together all the items and paraphernalia that you don’t need or use anymore and consider a local firm to pick it up to recycle it.

Ladder shelving

Shelving is not for indoors. The pretty ladder shelving that leans against a solid wall or fence is perfect for smaller plant pots and other items. It stops smaller items cluttering the floor space and can be a pleasant focal point in a hard to dress corner of the garden too.

Have the room? Buy a garden shed

On one hand, a garden shed is a fantastic idea but there is a slight snag to the humble shed – we tend to invest in one that is so big it swamps the garden and also becomes a dumping ground for all kinds of long-forgotten items from the deflated paddling pool to broken gardening tools.

If you are worried the garden shed will be too tempting for ‘dumping’ stuff, choose the smallest garden shed that is practical for your purposes. Most gardeners set themselves a rule that the shed is for tools and potting seeds etc. and not a place to put things to be ‘dealt with later’.

The garden box

Again, these sturdy plastic garden boxes have become commonplace in recent years and are perfect for keeping all kinds of garden stuff in from the cushions and throws used on garden furniture to the kid’s toys.

For harangued parents, buy a different coloured plastic box for each child so that they have a place to keep their own toys in the garden.

If you don’t fancy plastic, there are some fantastic wooden boxes that look great in the garden. They also make a great summer project too. Lay tarpaulin on the ground, place the boxes on top and using different coloured paint, your children can create their own bespoke garden storage trunk. Varnish to protect from the sun, wind and rain.

You want your garden to be a place that you can enjoy, and that means keeping it tidy. From de-cluttering to having plenty of accessible storage solutions, your garden can be the haven you want it to be.

Rattan Direct stock a range of garden and conservatory furniture that offer clever storage solutions too – and that means any garden can look tidy and neat.

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