Bedspreads: Make your bedroom relaxing for the summer

This is a Collaborative Post.

When it has been a hot day and you retreat upstairs for bed there is nothing worse than a hot stuffy room is there? It is nice to feel like your room is light and summery too without being hot and dingy. I thought I would share with you some ideas to make your bedroom feel relaxing and fresh for summer. Bedspreads can make all the difference. They make a difference in appearance and comfort. They can save you getting too hot whilst looking nice too, something nothing else does in the same way. We all know that the more relaxing our bedroom is the more likely we are to sleep well. Waking up feeling refreshed makes me much more productive than waking up feeling like I have hardly slept I don’t know about you?

I hate to not feel covered at night but a duvet is often just too hot so a bedspread can be the perfect solution. It is light enough to not make you too hot so you sleep well. Much better than a thick duvet but still lovely and attractive. I guess it is like back in the day when everyone had blankets on the bed so that you could add whichever layers suited. A bedspread is much nicer than an itchy blanket though. There are so many nice ones available but the Catherine Lanfield one below from the Yorkshire Linen’s quilted bedspread range is my favourite at the moment because the colours are lovely and summery but would be ok in spring and autumn too.


I always think that sometimes it is the simplest touches which can brighten a room and make it feel more relaxed so tidying up and adding a new scented candle can make a real difference without costing much at all. Another thing I find helps is being practical and thinking whether you need a fan or similar. There is no point boiling all summer if you can buy something like this cheaply to help.

Another thing I would suggest is looking at your windows and either consider blinds or blackout curtains if you are not an early riser. I hate waking up earlier than I have to especially at weekends so the sunlight creeping in at the crack of dawn is not good. For a generally good day I want to wake up when I need to not because of the glaring sun! Blackout curtains don’t have to be new ones there are liners available at places like Yorkshire Linin if you want to add them to your existing curtains and it is really easy to do as you can see in the photo below.

Ben gets so hot in his bedroom and it gets the sun all evening which really doesn’t help. One thing that helps him is stripping off so if all else fails wear as little as possible! Thick pyjamas and dressing gowns are for winter aren’t they!

Do you have any tips of how you manage to keep cool in the summer and make you bedroom as relaxing as possible to encourage a good nights sleep? Do share if you do, as I hate being too hot in the night!


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