Decorating Mediterranean Style – My ideas

I have been thinking lately about decorating in the lounge. As I work from home and do this in the lounge I do spend a lot of my time in it and have some great ideas of how I think it could look. As it is holiday season I am thinking of how much nicer the environment seems when you are on holiday. It isn’t just the sun that does that though is it? Holiday apartments and hotels are always so relaxing and I would love to replicate that at home so here are my thoughts.

How do you picture the inside of a lovely house in Italy like those in the photo above? I can imagine a light airy building with marble floors and walls. I’m imagining a clutter free life and smooth clear surfaces wherever you look. I picture a bedroom with shutters for an afternoon siesta and views out to sea. It sounds wonderful doesn’t it? I’m not sure about you but I just don’t have the money to buy this idea house in the Mediterranean so the next best thing is giving your home a bit of a Mediterranean feel.


Decluttering is one thing that would be easy to do to achieve part of that lifestyle. Well I say that, I guess it is easier said than done but would help greatly. The walls and floor would be expensive to change to marble but the walls could quite easily be achieved with a wall mural even just on one feature wall. Click here for some lovely wall murals with a marble design which may help you achieve that. Shutters are quite easy to buy if that would help you achieve that summer Mediterranean feeling but do be aware that removing them can be tricky and damaging to brickwork so worth bearing that in mind before you start. Unfortunately the view isn’t something you can change but I guess you wont notice the view when you are having your afternoon siesta!

I would love a more Mediterranean feel to our house so will definitely be considering this. How about you? Is that a look you love or would you be someone who would prefer a city apartment feel of somewhere like New York or Los Angeles? Maybe you are lucky enough to have a property somewhere nice to visit?

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