Guest Post – Children, think of the children! Healthy kids.

Here I have a guest post from a fabulous author who has recently released a book about keeping your children healthy. She shares great knowledge and tips so you can encourage healthy eating and spot issues in your children.

I love food. There you go it’s out there I am actually quite obsessed with food! Being a mum made it worse! But when it comes to food I am very fussy, now this doesn’t mean I count calories (certainly not!) or only eat things that are green or grown in a field full of unicorns, no.  It means I only eat foods that are good for me and avoid the foods that do me harm.

The same goes for my little boy.  Sounds simple and the thing is it actually is simple.

Many of the foods that are aimed at children (including the very young) are laced with sugar, salt, trans-fats and additives.  They may contain these yet claim to be healthy, they can do this if the food is fortified with vitamins and minerals.  There are many reasons why these foods are not healthy for your child and I explore these in my book but let’s take a quick look at sugar.

Sugar is back all over the media again; last week the headlines were that British children had already consumed a year’s worth of sugar half way through the year.  Food manufacturers have failed to meet sugar reduction targets and my personal grievance with the sugar tax is that you now can’t move for artificial sweeteners.

What does all of this mean for the health of our children? There are many health issues associated with this, it isn’t just “oh it’s just a treat”.

  1. It forms a genuine addiction
  2. It creates an expectation of synthetic sweet things (natural sweet things won’t hit the spot for them once they expect synthetic sweetness)
  3. Devoid of any notable nutrients
  4. Alters brain chemistry
  5. Can adversely affect cognitive development
  6. Very bad for gut microbiome
  7. Impacts on mood, behaviour and sleep
  8. Studies show that children display the same health conditions as adults including abnormal blood glucose and raised cholesterol

Now sugar isn’t the only issue with foods targeting children but it is the main one.  When it comes to addressing the best preventative health for children it is via the foods they eat and the lifestyle they lead.  Children cannot simply burn off excess calories – the reason why children are getting heavier and unhealthier now is due to a combination of movement and nutrition but the foods we eat now are very different to the foods available 40/50 years ago and THAT is what makes the big difference.

My view and the approach encouraged throughout my book is to view food as those that do you good and those that do you harm – understand these and your view of a food treat will change and hopefully healthy life-long eating habits will form.

For a more thorough and detailed look at nutrition for children check out my book;

How Food Shapes Your Child

“If you form some healthy, good habits now, you will be providing your children with the greatest possible chance of good health as they grow into adults.”

Louise Mercieca is founder of The Health Kick, which provides a range of ways to help people discover the vital link between food, health and well-being.

Private consultations

The Health Kick offers one-on-one private consultations, including a personal body composition analysis and a nutrition plan.

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The Health Kick offers a variety of nutritional programmes for women and men including the 21 Day Gut Programme.

How Food Shapes Your Child

Available for purchase via my website –

Thanks Louise for sharing your book and some of your knowledge with my readers.


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