How to Fight Constipation and Poo on Slimming World – Toilet Tips

It is a common subject in Slimming World groups so I thought I would share with you my thoughts, suggestions and experiences. Don’t worry there are no pictures and no vivid descriptions so don’t click the x! Everyone has a different metabolism and essentially the way we deal with foods can be very different. If you have ongoing issues it is of course wise to see your doctor for advice. These tips are merely ones to try and help in the meantime and may just be what you need to get you going!

Constipation or being “blocked up” can happen for a variety of reasons from not eating enough fibre or not drinking enough water to just changing your diet and lifestyle. It often is something that can resolve itself and be solved with changes to diet alone however there are products you can buy if necessary. Doctors are often reluctant to help if it isn’t an ongoing problem you have already tried to resolve or there is something unusual about it. Check out the NHS advice and make your own decision. I am not a doctor these are just things that I have found helpful or people I know have found helpful. Here are some tips which may help you to get things moving without needing any medication at all.

  • Drink more fluids – ideally not caffeinated drinks or alcohol and preferably water. This can help loosen things and prevent the problem along with helping when you are already constipated. If you need some tips to get you to drink more check out my previous post here.
  • Increase the fibre in your diet – this can be just adding more foods with the F symbol in your Slimming World book so doesn’t mean you need to syn extra items.
  • Changing your healthy extra b choice – this has helped for me before, aim for something with a high bran content for the best results but just changing it around can help too.
  • Eat kiwi fruits with the skin on – I haven’t had any luck with this but some people swear by it. Obviously whole it wouldn’t be so nice but chopped up with the skin on in fruit salad or yoghurt you will barely notice.

  • Decrease the amount of carbohydrates you eat and increase the fruit and vegetables.
  • Eat a whole melon (not the skin or seeds) – this is something I find really helps me probably because it is largely water. Make sure you are relatively near a toilet as you will get rid of a lot of that water quickly though!
  • Eat lots of foods with plenty of water in them such as cucumber, melon (as above), etc so whilst you are filling up for your meals you are adding lots of fluid too.
  • Move more – exercise can help keep you regular so moving more may help the constipation too, especially when done before you are in pain with it and too uncomfortable.

  • A warm bath can help too, if nothing else it could ease any discomfort and relax you which may also help.
  • Rubbing your lower tummy area in a clockwise direction. This can be used to help babies so equally it may help and I am pretty sure is unlikely to cause you any harm so easy to try.
  • When you sit on the toilet raise your knees – a child’s toilet step is perfect for this. This helps you to be in the right position and assists gravity a little.
  • Peppermint or ginger tea can help some people with digestion. I am not a massive fan of it so have never had enough to make a difference but it is another thing worth trying.

  • Lemon water – hot or cold water with freshly squeezed lemon juice in or a few slices perhaps, this was recommended to me recently by a doctor and sounds like it could be worth a try.
  • If you don’t mind using some syns then raisins and/or prunes can be a laxative so may help you to get things moving.
  • Apples (particularly their skins) are rumoured to help too so eating more apples or drinking some apple juice may help. Obviously if you follow Slimming World the juice would be synned but this has worked for both Stuart and Ben before – my bowels were too stubborn for it!
  • Flax seeds are often recommended as is flax seed oil, again this is something you would need to syn but is often said to help. Other oils or oily food could help too but be careful you don’t use constipation as an excuse to go off plan for days on end.


Don’t forget if you notice blood or there is something out of the ordinary if you are not sure see your doctor. All the tips above are my suggestions based on my experience and that of others and does not replace medical advice.

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