Lexicon-Go! Word Game – A Review

I love family games we can play with Ben so when I was asked to review Lexicon-Go I was keen to see what it would be like. We have a number of board games and similar and Ben loves things like Scrabble that involve words and spelling but often gets frustrated when games last forever. Except monopoly, that lasts forever and he loves it but it drives me crazy. An ideal game for us is one that doesn’t last too long and less emphasis is on the winner than the good moves. I love games that done have too many rules or require too much setting up because lets face it the parents are always left to the boring jobs like putting it away afterwards. We put Lexicon-Go to the test, would it fit what we like? Would we enjoy it? Is it worth the money? Is it well made?

What is Lexicon-Go?

The game has 52 tiles which are around an inch or so in size and each have a letter on (except a Lexicon tile which is a little like a blank in scrabble and can be used for anything). Each player starts with 10 tiles and has to use them up to win. To use them up you must make words using your letters, adding or replacing letters in another players word or swapping a tile from the draw pile. Plurals, acronyms, one letter words, abbreviations and proper nouns are not allowed.

The instructions and age guide

Both myself and Ben found the instructions very easy to understand and felt the age guide of the game (8+ years) appropriate and accurate. It would also be a game you could play on teams to involve slightly younger children if they have some spelling abilities. It is similar in some ways to Rummikub and Scrabble so if that is the kind of game you enjoy as a family I think you will love this whatever your ages.

Packaging and value for money

The game comes in a L shaped case which is perfect for keeping the game tiles and instructions in. They fit in well without being so tight that you have to carefully stack them in which I was impressed with. I hate packing away Jenga for that very reason! The case is a perfect size to take on holiday or for travelling on a train maybe as something different to do to alleviate the boredom and avoid I-spy! The game is available from Amazon for £9.91 at present though the rrp is £9.99 so even at full price it is good value. The tiles are made from a good quality plastic and definitely feel like they will last well. The case also is well made so I do think for the money you are getting a great quality game.

Did we enjoy it?

As I am sure you can tell in the photo above we really enjoyed it. Ben loved it when he won but with it being quick to play it didn’t matter to him when he didn’t either. It is a fun game and we will definitely play it often and take it when we go away in the summer to a caravan in case it rains! I was surprised at the quality for a game under £10 and would definitely recommend it.


Please note I was sent some games in return for review however all the views are my own and those of Ben. If you would like to read more reviews I have written do check out my reviews section.


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